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  1. So much happening in that first pic with the 'Helsinki Eye', Kauppatori and Allas sea pool too 😍 I was looking forward to visiting Musiikki, which has just sneaked in to the second picture, but to my horror there were things like knitting needles in the window!
  2. Talking about the football, I'm at HJK's stadium tonight watching the match ⚽️⚽️⚽️ What's the current plan with university reopening at the moment? I've seen a lot of children returning to school in Helsinki this week.
  3. Happy new year to you Kitty and everyone else here 🎉 On a personal note, I feel like I have become a better person this year. I have more of an appreciation of life and those around me and despite the **** we have endured, I'm the happiest and most content that I have been in years. Looking forward to what the future holds!
  4. Happy Christmas to you and your family too Kitty. Happy Christmas too to everyone else here. My Finnish Christmas didn't happen this year because of the ban on travel that was applied on the UK on Monday. Flights were cancelled literally hours before we were due to go to the airport 😔 At the end of the day though, I am here with my wife and kids and we are able to celebrate it together. Others haven't been as lucky as I am right now so I am grateful for that. Let us all hope and pray that next year will give us some good times again and allow us to get back to some kind of norma
  5. I really don't expect snow for Christmas but I live in hope! Latest weather report I've seen for Helsinki is potential for some on xmas day, so here's hoping! Going to be a special experience this xmas. Really looking forward to spending time with my wife's family and also looking forward to some joulutorttu 😍
  6. Will be spending my Christmas in Finland this year for the first time. Really looking forward to the Christmas ham and pastries! Hopefully there will be some snow to make it that little bit more special 😁
  7. Les Paul guitars ❤ I imagine you would be devestated if you did get your Gibson 😁
  8. I'd imagine it's a bot post, Kitty. Seen that kind of post across the forums fairly often.
  9. Day 1 of working from home/partial lockdown and I'm going mad already. Don't think the family will survive the week. Seriously though, stay safe everyone ❤
  10. Recently spent 2 weeks in Helsinki but the only home games were the day I arrived and the day I left 🙄. Turned down the chance to see HJK turn Schalke over in a champs league qualifier a few years back. The ticket price was ridiculous! Some guy named Pukki scored 2 that night 😉 I agree with you on Fifa. If they added the Finnish league, I would certainly consider buying it. So much more value to me than their new gimmick.
  11. As a guy who has been to a couple of HJK matches, I would love the Finnish league!
  12. Yeah, those fans are ***** but it's not like there aren't Aussie fans like that too. Remember Simon Jones 2003? Anyway, by the time he has amassed 1000 runs in the series and won the Ashes, I'm sure he'll get over it 😉
  13. It knocked about 20 years off my life that match and I also have no fingernails left. I hope to NEVER have to go through that again! Stokes is a legend and a hero!
  14. I don't know if anyone else has been watching the womens world cup but it has been brilliant. I went in to it with a lot of pessimism but the games have been very entertaining and high tempo with little stoppage in play. If you haven't seen any, I recommend tuning in to the final on Sunday.
  15. I think the final may be live on Youtube again like it was last year so you can catch it there possibly. Chance to make it an English European lock out tonight with Arsenal and Chelsea. #nobrexit
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