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  1. From the Sony website (https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/support/games/ps5-backward-compatibility-games/). It looks like the amount of backwards compatible games greatly outweighs those that are not compatible. 4000+ games are compatible apparently. It looks like the PS5 is just a very upgraded PS4 which is good. I'd try and get confirmation from Codemasters first.
  2. Nice, F1 can become a casino game with some racing as a distraction.
  3. edit - Wrote something long winded and realised there is no point.
  4. As it starts to rain or dry out "The best tyre choice is an interesting one". No Jeff, it's not an interesting question it's a critical race decision. We're not sat there with a glass of port in front of a fire place debating the merits of rubber types.
  5. I like it a bit less than the guys here and go for 320/330. Mainly 320 for the more nadgery tracks like Singapore and Monaco. The whole steering lock debate in F1 gets a bit heated but it's really driver preference. I know some guys who swear by 450, others who prefer 360, and some who go for 270.
  6. So all this is rubbish then? https://simrace247.com/2020/07/15/codemasters-do-something-f1-2020-multiplayer-cheats-revealed/ It took me all of 2-3 minutes to find a forum explaining exactly how to spoof the online "protection".
  7. Any update? It's been over a month and time trial and event leaderboards are still populated with impossible times.
  8. Never underestimate how petty any marketing department can be. Marketing won't give a monkeys about race performance, all they care about is corporate image. Race performance is down to the team themselves who in turn won't give a monkey's about perception.
  9. I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with Ferraris death grip on the series. Nothing at all. No siree. Allow me this one conspiracy theory.
  10. Remember 80kg is the rated capacity of the load cell so that's the absolute maximum. You can set it much lower in the setup page. Mines set to around 60kg but you can set it far lower. The Fanatec software adjusts it with the BRF setting on the wheel (if you plug it in via the wheel base without plugging in the serparate USB cable on the pedals), and can also be adjusted in the fanatec software on the controller page.
  11. Speaking from my own experience I found the basic Fanatec CSL elite a big step up from the Logitech G920. To be honest it might even be worth just buying the CSL pedals with the load cell kit first as I found they made the biggest difference in my driving. Don't get me wrong the wheel base is a lot better (I also found it way way easier to set up than using that gammy logitech software), but it was a decent brake pedal that made me more consistent. The load cell brake is well worth the extra money. I seriously doubt I'll even go as far as direct drive stuff mainly due to the cos
  12. @marioho It will be interesting to see what they've actually done to it. No doubt Barry from Sim Racing Garage will pry one open to see what's different. Hopefully more than just a rubber bung like the last one.
  13. It doesn't seem worth the price. I never had an issue with Logitech's wheels, but the pedals are awful. All the guys who got bitten by the simracing bug during lockdown and then realised they aren't Ayrton Senna are selling their expensive gear so you will probably find quite a few bargains at the moment.
  14. So not only dangerous but belligerent to boot. That response is shocking. The kind of person that says “I’ve been driving 40 years and never had an accident”... because they’ve never looked at the carnage they leave behind in their rear view mirror.
  15. @dshepsman Good god. Did he get out of the pitlane with all four limbs or were you forced to pluck them off like a daddy long legs? What did the stewards have to say about that one?
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