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  1. I like it a bit less than the guys here and go for 320/330. Mainly 320 for the more nadgery tracks like Singapore and Monaco. The whole steering lock debate in F1 gets a bit heated but it's really driver preference. I know some guys who swear by 450, others who prefer 360, and some who go for 270.
  2. So all this is rubbish then? https://simrace247.com/2020/07/15/codemasters-do-something-f1-2020-multiplayer-cheats-revealed/ It took me all of 2-3 minutes to find a forum explaining exactly how to spoof the online "protection".
  3. Any update? It's been over a month and time trial and event leaderboards are still populated with impossible times.
  4. I started to do the weekly event until I saw the names at the top of the leaderboard. I did two practice sessions (putting in a fair amount of effort after bumping up the difficulty) before I noticed my effort was pointless. I'll just stick with career and ignore every other multiplayer aspect because quite frankly what is the point if we're not on a level playing field? I'll never be as fast as the aliens which is 100% fine and the way it should be, but flat out cheating just renders the whole online experience completely meaningless. If I was the developer I'd be mo
  5. Codemasters have a partnership with Steam in this instance, so the onus is on Steam to provide the tools on their platform to prevent cheating. There are two points they can be stopped/removed, Steam and in the Game. What it takes is a hands-on approach and Steam/Valve has shown it is incapable of policing it's own policies via automation. They've always had an issue with toxicity (how many racist groups exist/ed on Steam until very recently?) and it just needs a concerted effort to clean it up. It's not like they lack resources. Codemasters at the least could do a
  6. Some of them even admit to it on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1080110/discussions/0/2782612683734605624/?ctp=5 A player with multiple names doing all sorts of mental gymnastics to justify their actions. A choice snippet: "But F1 Drivers said TCS Medium was most real. Lando? Lando can barely keep the car srt8 and agrees onto my reasons to why I use the table. I only used Double Grip bc Ber used it to get that 1.10.738, with ALL Driver Aids. I used the RBR16 and got 1.10.208 I have the Talent, the skill and that is why I went faster. Your insults
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