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  1. From the Sony website (https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/support/games/ps5-backward-compatibility-games/). It looks like the amount of backwards compatible games greatly outweighs those that are not compatible. 4000+ games are compatible apparently. It looks like the PS5 is just a very upgraded PS4 which is good. I'd try and get confirmation from Codemasters first.
  2. Nice, F1 can become a casino game with some racing as a distraction.
  3. edit - Wrote something long winded and realised there is no point.
  4. I like it a bit less than the guys here and go for 320/330. Mainly 320 for the more nadgery tracks like Singapore and Monaco. The whole steering lock debate in F1 gets a bit heated but it's really driver preference. I know some guys who swear by 450, others who prefer 360, and some who go for 270.
  5. So all this is rubbish then? https://simrace247.com/2020/07/15/codemasters-do-something-f1-2020-multiplayer-cheats-revealed/ It took me all of 2-3 minutes to find a forum explaining exactly how to spoof the online "protection".
  6. Any update? It's been over a month and time trial and event leaderboards are still populated with impossible times.
  7. Never underestimate how petty any marketing department can be. Marketing won't give a monkeys about race performance, all they care about is corporate image. Race performance is down to the team themselves who in turn won't give a monkey's about perception.
  8. I'm sure it has absolutely nothing to do with Ferraris death grip on the series. Nothing at all. No siree. Allow me this one conspiracy theory.
  9. I started to do the weekly event until I saw the names at the top of the leaderboard. I did two practice sessions (putting in a fair amount of effort after bumping up the difficulty) before I noticed my effort was pointless. I'll just stick with career and ignore every other multiplayer aspect because quite frankly what is the point if we're not on a level playing field? I'll never be as fast as the aliens which is 100% fine and the way it should be, but flat out cheating just renders the whole online experience completely meaningless. If I was the developer I'd be mo
  10. Cockpit with no halo and Track ir. It really helps to be able to naturally look to the apex and check mirrors with Track ir. I'm very happy they added a virtual mirror, helps massively with situational awareness. I'm such a nerd I've also set limits to the track ir so I can't look beyond the limit of the hans device.... yes I have issues.
  11. Codemasters have a partnership with Steam in this instance, so the onus is on Steam to provide the tools on their platform to prevent cheating. There are two points they can be stopped/removed, Steam and in the Game. What it takes is a hands-on approach and Steam/Valve has shown it is incapable of policing it's own policies via automation. They've always had an issue with toxicity (how many racist groups exist/ed on Steam until very recently?) and it just needs a concerted effort to clean it up. It's not like they lack resources. Codemasters at the least could do a
  12. Some of them even admit to it on steam: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1080110/discussions/0/2782612683734605624/?ctp=5 A player with multiple names doing all sorts of mental gymnastics to justify their actions. A choice snippet: "But F1 Drivers said TCS Medium was most real. Lando? Lando can barely keep the car srt8 and agrees onto my reasons to why I use the table. I only used Double Grip bc Ber used it to get that 1.10.738, with ALL Driver Aids. I used the RBR16 and got 1.10.208 I have the Talent, the skill and that is why I went faster. Your insults
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