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  1. clintwood60

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    hello, when do we get news about "driver names" via UDP? It is annoying and incomprehensible because you do not give explanatory information ...
  2. clintwood60

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    hello @Hoo, are there any new considerations or insights for displaying multiplayer names? We miss this information very much in our league ... Please tell us why the names are not transferred so that we can understand and respond ... many thanks
  3. clintwood60

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    Thank you for the fast answer. Can you give us an outlook or an alternative? Every telemetry tool is almost unusable for streaming a league race ... not very satisfying ...
  4. clintwood60

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    @Hoo, How can we get the driver names in the MP session? What value does "m_name[48]" get in the MP session? Really the SteamID, as @Faya in the thread from 20.06.20 described in "Participants Packet"? I thank you for an explanation, clintwood60