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  1. MS7XWDC

    Schumacher DLC Removal | STEP THIS WAY

    found it in classic cars
  2. is there cross platform racing ? thanks
  3. MS7XWDC

    Pro Season- Completely Unfair !

    Not if the AI performs as it should... and the AI still are too predictable  .....
  4. MS7XWDC

    F1 2015 No Career mode??

    i prefer a great online mode over career mode. thats just me .
  5. MS7XWDC

    Announcing F1 2015

    WHEN I SAY "GET THE RACING RIGHT", i mean no  stupid pit stop bug where you get the wrong compound tyres.  no coprner cutting bug where you get panalties for no reason .... a solid Online mode with Practice, Qualy & EQUAL cars option.
  6. MS7XWDC

    Announcing F1 2015

    nice joke they need to nail the actual racing, before adding modes. nailing the racing, getting online finally correct. then add career mode. what good is a career full of bad racing ?
  7. MS7XWDC

    Announcing F1 2015

    if the racing & online mode is great, then lacking a career mode wont matter to most
  8. MS7XWDC

    Best news ever

    I agree .... can only be good news ....
  9. MS7XWDC

    Announcing F1 2015

    LOOKS GREAT. until its released and tested i'll remain hopeful, but not convinced.
  10. MS7XWDC

    A Goodbye

  11. MS7XWDC

    A Goodbye

    good luck, Luke ... thx for posting here .....
  12. i'll believe that when i see it, honestly. thx
  13. just seems odd, that it would not be a Season 2015 based game, so we can theoretically follow along with the real F1 Calendar. [if im understanding things correctly]