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  1. Not if the AI performs as it should... and the AI still are too predictable  .....
  2. i prefer a great online mode over career mode. thats just me .
  3. WHEN I SAY "GET THE RACING RIGHT", i mean no  stupid pit stop bug where you get the wrong compound tyres.  no coprner cutting bug where you get panalties for no reason .... a solid Online mode with Practice, Qualy & EQUAL cars option.
  4. nice joke they need to nail the actual racing, before adding modes. nailing the racing, getting online finally correct. then add career mode. what good is a career full of bad racing ?
  5. if the racing & online mode is great, then lacking a career mode wont matter to most
  6. I agree .... can only be good news ....
  7. LOOKS GREAT. until its released and tested i'll remain hopeful, but not convinced.
  8. http://forums.codemasters.com/profile/9/Hatta
  9. good luck, Luke ... thx for posting here .....
  10. just seems odd, that it would not be a Season 2015 based game, so we can theoretically follow along with the real F1 Calendar. [if im understanding things correctly]
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