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  1. Gavenatore

    F1 2019 change log/fix the bugs!!!

    Change log/Fix the bugs!!! ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑
  2. Yes I am very angy at Codemasters, the game is not worth 60€ ... And everyone makes a blind eye. I say, let's skip the costs of making 2020 and focus on a 30€ dlc for the new season, while the programmers fix these bugs... Realistic Qualy - no more simulate season bugs Realistic tyre temps - what's up with that really? Give meaning to rivarly Try to think a way of upgrading the cars for 10 seasons, not 4 ... The tree is unrealistic Make the game free of LlLlLllllLLaaaAG SPIKES Consistent AI throughout season Better UI, DPad mashing for ERS and Fuel managment is annoying and unrealistic, give us presets to adjust the setup immediately (like real F1) Give some actual reliability issues for the player - ones that you cannot expect Make ACTUAL reliability issues for the AI, they feel scripted Stop the AI from applying the throttle immediatellly "100% - 0%" in milleseconds Stop giving AI ultimate tyre temps and unlimited ERS Realistic AI personality and driving style Make new animations Make Jeff a part of the game and not just a mechanical voice guide Make Jeff give you helpful information The car is underfueled due to strategy, someone inform Jeff Actual weather forecast Make the damn rotation switches in FANTEC F1 wheels USABLE!!!!! Practise that actually helps the team to understand the race pace Able to switch at inters even if the wets are faster at the start of the race Fix the sound DRIVER TRANSFERS- What is Kimi doing in Season 10? 50% Engine wear rate in 50% races, not 25% engine wear rate in 50% races Practise programs that are actual practise programs, not QUALY programms Speedometer that is not placed on top of the damn mirror Actual wet races with standing water Consistent AI throughout season Setup that is based on logic and not numbers from 1-12 Fix the damn interviews An actual F2 career mode Better damage model No more "happened on my screen not on your screen" contacts in online No pit stop glitches, esp in online Fix the damn ranking system Make a ban option available for stupid drivers Safety car for Ben Inform the driver (aka player) of important stuff... Like what is the optimal tyre temperature Setups that are suggested from the team Make the AI have track awareness at least in Practise sessions The ability to skip the Formation Lap, without endangering the life of my tyre temps or my setup... The game is broken. 2017 with a new reskin. I like codies - I still play Colin McRae 3 and 4 - awesome games, but right now it just feels like a massive middle finger pointing right at me... FIX THE GAME!