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  1. Simulation formula one ( SF1 ) are recruiting new drivers for the upcoming season on the brand new F1 2021 game. All experience welcome, weather you are Lewis Hamilton or Nikita Mazepin. We have a league suitable for your driver level. After running 3 tiers successfully for a few years now we are looking at expanding onto 4 tiers. So if you think got the mustard and can bring the heat SF1 is the place for you. Come join the Discord channel say hello and sign up for the 2021 game. Races will be held 8.30pm Tier 4 starting Wednesday, tier 3 Thursday, Tier 2 Friday and finally Tier 1 on Sunday.
  2. Hi ya guys, So I am thinking about buying the tlcm pedals are they worth the upgrade for f1 2020?
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