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  1. hi , rain tyre are to much grip and i have same sensation than soft and medium tyres on dry floor , and the duration of the rain tires on dry ground are too high, for example (if I attack at max with rain tires on a dry ground, I will not have any problem on the second stage on a rain road) personally the rain tires should are not as good as hard tires on dry ground and should wear a little more (except you have settings to win more braking than turns to save rain tires) . ( need more stratégy ) upgrade motor , why when I buy an engine upgrade for the car it gains grip? personally I prefer the standard engine I feel more difference between each car, I tried the engine upgrades on 2 cars and I drove with hard tires and I had the impression to ride with soft tires. the AI on the rally and rallycross should be down I would prefer to have a career mode with cars with standard engine than to win because you buy a cheat engine (I do not talk about the parts to buy to gain durability for the car parts, it's clearly good and economical because the parts breaks less) theAI on mettet is too much aggressive on the start race,elite mod and masters mod l AI has a magnet effects (example l AI will try to prevent him from passing in front of him ok, but he will push you on the side when overtakes it, braking on a corner exit, or other but the other AI cars can pass it) the problem is that the AI, do it in qualifying and because of this problem are wasting time. it's not logical because it's a stopwatch that makes it possible to go to the semifinals the used car parts are impossible to change, often I have suspension or shock absorbers that are worn, but I can not repair them. I can fix the problem in the settings but it's annoying to do it because I buy a specialty (I buy all levels of diagnostics) to identify problems quickly, I see the problems but I can not change it (for brakes, shock absorbers and suspensions). sorry for my bad english
  2. the windshield is always time broken in second stage on career ( exemple in second stage the windshield is broken , 4 th stage same problem ....) and the RX in masters career mode the game bug and i have message error , ps4 freeze and forced to unplug ps4.
  3. please Dirt watch my private facebook message + add chained technic turn = you pace note rally change. especialy for for the off road tracks ( gravel , snow ..... ((and tarmac with old car because is not wrc 2 car ) personally the problem pace note is on poland and new zeland i want test the other country to watch the other problem the link video is not public
  4. i try new zealand in night ( with group A car ) i listen 2 or 1 turn in square turn and 2 and turn 1 close in hairpin open or close , i listen 4 turn in square turn too
  5. trophy " concentrés " not work for me i win rally in hardcore damage and the trophy not work and problem for choosing spotter and co-driver , i change spotter but the co-codriver change too exemple if i want english spotter i have english co driver too but i no want english co driver .
  6. poland 2 tracks i listen not good direction in " entre balot " he said right 1 but the turn is left 1 and in straight line i listen " droite 1 cacher " but is right square hide new zeland in you listen in slow chain turn " pas corde " anytime for enough because you is slow you see the turn USA i listen "droite 6 " but is left 6 and in the 90 turn left is very late than other note argentina : the last turn right bridge is very late very very late spain : gauche 5 ciel is very high " need gauche 4 ciel is better" and in chain turn after big straight line need more important than " soulage " because you is fast after this chain turn and you difficult turn and the co driver is late . exemple " attention , gros freins ..... " i no have the name of tracks because i discover the game . this reply is only for french pace note ( i not drive in all tracks ) and when i said late in note because the other note have very good timing
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    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    monte carlo + sweden + germany = 😂