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  1. gk9147

    mettet RX turn more tight

    2018 video look 1:20
  2. gk9147

    mettet RX turn more tight

    look in 0:36 in mettet RX the turn is more tight and kerb more big , i said that because on DR 2.0 is possible to come this turn with no really problem and i brake after this turn but on the video the driver slow down before
  3. gk9147

    finland pace note caution

    the daily promo race in finland the turn is not left 1 close the turn is square and the announce of this note is very late
  4. gk9147

    makes it sense to drift on tarmac?

    I think that the new generation is less good and has less skill old driver group A test RGT new generation driver WRC 2 test same car @PaulNbg drift and slide on tarmac make it sense ? yes i explain with example (in DR 2.0 for me the tarmac is very gripy and is very Bad is my opinion ) imagine you is in stage with lot difficult turn and very tight ( left 1 , hairpin , square ... ) ok first car is FWD car ( with motor in front of the car ) so you have only 2 front wheel work - he accelerate and brake ( its depend for your brake setup ) - he turn - and the heavy is front of car ( so its possible to understeer easily ) you tire your front tires easily so you need slide to save a front tires second car is RWD ( same with motor in front of the car ) so you have 4 wheel work and have not really same work - you accelerate with rear wheel - you turn with front wheel -and heavy is in front of car with heavy in front is possible to understeer but is possible to oversteer so possible to drift and you manage your 4 tires more easily and when your drift the steering wheel work alone example you go on left 2 , right 3 and you finish in harpin , for the hairpin your start drift so your manage your front wheel and you win the time with drift skill because steering wheel work alone third car is AWD ( same motor in front car ) you have 4 wheel work except for the turn -you acccelerate with front and rear wheel -you turn with front wheel - heavy is front car so is possible you understeer if you drive with 50/50 power or more power in front of car you have same problem with first car so you understeer and you loose time and your tire your tires if your drive with more power in rear your oversteer , slide and drift so with RWD skill you win time and save your front tires ( so that why you have often time in yours car setup you have more power in rear than front , look the ramp acceleration in your differential ) ( with motor in rear you have heavy in rear so your car more understeer ) on rally the tyre strategy and good setup is very important and the skill is very important too with this example now you understand why drift on tarmac is important too and i explain why the modern car no slide and not drift always time on rally ( R2 , WRC 2 and new WRC 380 HP) 1 because cars are limited for setup by regulations for security now ( very very limited now ) 2 the WRC 2 and R2 is limited by power ( example the wrc 2 have less power than old WRC 280 HP WRC 2 5 gear vs 300HP old WRC the last car have 6 gear )( other example 180 HP for R2 VS 300 HP for kit car )*( maybe is better to choose h2 FWD vs R2 is true but the best era of FWD is kit car and the R2( or R3) start after the kitcar is not very logic so i choose very technologic car vs best FWD car ) 3 the WRC 380 HP have lot aeorodynamics part so that why car is sticked on the floor , and honnestly the show is dead on tarmac because the new WRC have lot downforce so that why the car not slide and drift always time on rally modern .
  5. gk9147

    Splash physics

    rallye du condroz look in 2:00 minutes
  6. gk9147

    DiRTy Car Wishlists!

    fiat abarth 124 spider , alpine a 310
  7. gk9147

    WRC 8 vs DiRT Rally 2.0

    the problem on DR 2.0 - tarmac problem , the tarmac need more inertia physics because the slide and drift is bad and the car stop very fast after for slide and drift ) tarmac info because need more info for bump and jump and road broken by the time tyre strategie is very bad , soft and medium should degrade more faster wet tyre better than medium tyre on dry tarmac is not normal wet tyre more gripy on wet road than dry road is not normal too -pace note on dirt rally 2.0 is bad -dirt rally 2.0 not have dynamyc weather ( maybe is coming for next dirt because is on f1 games )
  8. gk9147

    finland pace note caution

    finland have litle error - left 3 close before the rock on straight line is left 1 - on the big forest straight line the turn on crossroads is left 3 - after the big forest you have turn left and right ( i dont remember the number turn ) is hairpin long left hairpin long right - you have turn go up and down ( not jump ) is not right 3 is right 1 because with inertia you leave the roads - you have 2 turn go up and very down announced left 5 jump left 5 jump before this 2 turn need caution or slow - left 6 long 3 is slow 5 long 2( or 1) - you have 1 stage at the end he said a lot 5 and 6 turn but is 2 and 3 turn no more no video sorry
  9. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip

    new update 1.18 download ? 2 Gb
  10. gk9147

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    @PJTierney i buy all group A this weekend ( all 5 cars ) but the trophy not work and same for the past and present because when you finish the R5 historic rally this rally is save in your profile and maybe racenet , i start the game and the trophy is locked too
  11. gk9147

    How To Create True Rally Game

    no, I anticipate because a lot of players use this argument😂
  12. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip

    new season ? new category rally cars ? new cars what ??? is only subaru teaser 😂 https://youtu.be/SMDiy8g3HDs
  13. gk9147

    Dirt 2.0 Trophy/Achievement issues

    i buy all cars group A and group B but the 2 trophy are locked same past and présent are locked too after update
  14. gk9147

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    finland kakaristo with ps4 controler today ( the controler setup is similar controler setup than dirt rally 1 ) sensibility 35 linearity 7 deadzone 5 all new livrery i add this livrery on mistubishi R5 , bmw M2, and subaru " very beautiful livrery 😉" @PJTierney is possible to share the message for devvelopers who create this livrery is possible to share the message for devvelopers who create this livrery