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  1. gk9147

    Music Thread

    Askel and elere- shy
  2. gk9147

    Music Thread

    cash machine - oliver tree lisa mitchell - neopolitan dreams ( nilow remix ) lenzman -open page ( feat riya ) Jenna Pemkowski and Memorecks - Adam's Song (Blink 182 Cover)
  3. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    honestly I play in cockpit view and in dirt rally I have the impression of driving a cube, we do not see the car swaying when we brake or we accelerate or lean to one side when we take a turn, this physics of the suspensions are on DR 1 and Pcars 2 but not on DR 2.0 look 1:30 modern car look 2:35 onboard historic car suspension
  4. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    renault clio kit car my reaction: i hope she come on DIRT rally 3
  5. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT Rally Games

    the visual physics of the suspensions are not good in DR 2.0, this accentuates the pivot effect
  6. i m agree with no cheating race but how is possible because codemasters authorized different setup for controllers and steering wheel ( i no talk for car setup ), because if you change the saturation and linearity of your wheel or your controllers the car is not same
  7. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip about DIRT 5

    @PJTierney hi i have question codemasters stream dirt 5 soon because i look this info on dirt instagram
  8. is not end RX for gaming exemple if real RX stop codemasters add RX 2018 and RX 2019 ( and 2020 ) for dirt rally 3 and i hope DR 3 come to 2021
  9. gk9147

    Music Thread

    troye sivan - could cry just thinkin about you
  10. gk9147

    Music Thread

    bop escape from u
  11. gk9147

    Music Thread

    Toots and marytales pressure drop RIP toots Toots and marytales 54 46 was my number
  12. gk9147

    Music Thread

    Facing jinx rest assured
  13. gk9147

    Music Thread

    Command strange and intelligent manners - Make me alive
  14. gk9147

    Music Thread

    Nu logic - Somehere between the light nu logic -morning light Fred V and grafix - Major happy Cat rea -new freedom ( Influxxx remix)