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  1. is possible if dev add more details for the stage especialy for monte carlo ( example 60 % snow 40 % tarmac ) because i don t know if i want choose soft or snow tyre in monte carlo sorry for my bad english
  2. gk9147

    New ffb impressions

    personnaly ffb need update for tarmac
  3. remember oliver bennett ( rallycross driver ) said mini cooper RX come in summer ( i no have the link but he said this before DR 2.0 released in februry or january ) and the last update for season 2 finish in summer , ( mini cooper is not in season 2 but is possible the mini cooper come in season 3 )
  4. gk9147

    Monte Carlo pacenotes

    hi i have same problem with french pace-note the pace note on DR 2.0 is very bad . you are not alone 😉
  5. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Riggs personally with the steering wheel I play at 1080 degrees, I do not change the steering wheel settings, if I want the car is more responsive or more stable , I change car settings ( now for 1080 degree i put "saturation de pilotage" in 90 %)
  6. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    personally i try with controller and i don 't need setup for pad , is easy with default setup
  7. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    SkiddyMcCrash yes is true is more easy to drive with controller in dirt rally 2.0
  8. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    road sensation look the wheel i have same sensation in DR 1.0 bump , turn .... can twait to see that
  9. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    pace note are horrible if codemaster no change maybe i comeback in DR 1.0 and D4 and i have better road sensation in DR 1.0 than DR 2.0 now i wait big update hairpin is not left 1 close and i m tired to recalculate the bad notes anytimes why in left 1 turn he said left 3? why ? same on square he said left 2 or left 1 why explain why you add this bad notes ?
  10. gk9147


    pace note are not good again in sweden ( i give 1 example the co driver said gauche 2 ferme sur 1 but is the square left and is not finish )
  11. i want you all car list lol with all country comeback too lol ( with galway rally bonus )
  12. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    PJTierney i have 3 enginer but i buy all car
  13. i no received my money for day event today
  14. -personally i wait update for pace-note. ( especially for spain , USA, New zeland ) -i give 1 example ( gauche 5 ciel but is gauche 3 and chain turn with 5 and 6 turn is real is 2 and 1 turn ) ( please listen you note and rework the note ) -in manual gear with clutch the motor stop but i push the clutch is very strange ( its rare ) the clutch is not the same as on dirt 4 and dirt rally (I say in French "le pooint de patinage" of the car is too short "the motor stops too easily, maybe because the clutch is too precise -and please add option the clutch for sequential gear -impossible to choose a spotter and co driver with different country ( example i want uk spotter but he change co-driver too is annoying ). - mitsubishi lancer X is manual gear not sequential ( because i see clutch and gear in cokpit )
  15. the physics are amazing , fight with mud ,the road is always different amazing but please update for pace -note the co-driver have very big problem, monte carlo have same probleme the pace note in monte carlo on dirt rally 1 is very good why change now i listen sometime 3 for 2 or1 turn why , i explain the problem because the car physics no follow this new pace note . p.s i comeback 3 month after my injury so that why is difficult to start in dirt rally 2.0 and i no change the FFB and i drive without assist amazing physics if player have problem with ffb because he no use good setup for her differential or he not use heavy transfer for the car ( i start whitout no shakedown with subaru on monte carlo big error but now i see the problem 😉 ) your game is good for the wheel is amazing and sorry for my bad english again