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  1. gravel : australia , greece , poland, argentina, new zeland , wales , USA and finland soon 8 country tarmac : spain , germany , and monte carlo ( with ice and snow ) only 3 country snow : sweden only 1 country clearly codemasters should add 2 or 3 country for tarmac and 1 new country for snow and after he add new gravel country ( sardegna and portugal maybe ) @MaXyMsrpl i want see new landscapes for tarmac rally and excuse me but drive only time on race track tarmac ( suzuka, spa , nordschleife.....) is boring
  2. add this otion for steering wheel and add this option for controller too example you add button for clutch ( L1orR1...) 0:52
  3. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip

    you tell me about something that I already know, I'm talking about time difference when using a sequential box and a gearbox (because if I read what you wrote to me you talk about all the technical to take a turn (mass transfer, clutch to revive the engine ....)) I'm talking about time !!! you will lose time if you use gearbox, the gearbox ( Hpattern) is not sticking on the steering wheel (she near the leg) so you have to go on the gearbox, you change gear and after the hand come back on the steering wheel, for the sequential box it is to the side of the steering wheel so to make the maneuver is faster, and to finish the sequential on the steering wheel , is really more faster now you see that the time difference is huge
  4. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip

    @dgeesi0 it is normal what I said, you find it normal to shift speeds faster than a sequential box? no . with the gearbox you can skip a speed, that's true (example: 3 to 1, or the opposite if the gearbox is very short) it can save litle time, but with a gearbox there is always a loss of time to change the gear. with a gearbox need anticipate the good gear for the turn while with a sequential gearbox you can change it in the turn and play with it to correct your trajectory (example you launch your car in the turn , your car loses acceleration and you downshift to gain accelerations again in midle of turn ) with a gearbox if you do the same thing, you will lose time changing your gear in the turn. and you risk losing control of the car too .
  5. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip

    @dgeesi0 proof that heusinkveld is not a good hardware but a gadjet that changes gears very quickly.
  6. personnaly i prefer see new tarmac rally ( france in alsace , slovaquia , sanremo... ) because dirt rally 2.0 have only 3 rally in tarmac
  7. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip

    @MaXyMsrpl sorry i m late but i totally agree with you , @PJTierney you need listen really simracer in priority , having a low (or very low) rotation angle turns your simu game into an arcade game. i have 2 TSS handbrake and TH8A , it is not hard to use, you will not break your hand, and I tested the hardware of FANATEC at the PGW (paris games week) and it is not hard used too
  8. gk9147

    Please add in car gear indicator for all cars

    personnaly i listen the motor when i change the gear but codemasters add gear in option , example is possible to remove the wheel when you drive in onboard , is possible codemastters add the gear in option too why not for the futur . so if you want drive authentic car you remove gear in option or if you the gear add this option
  9. pc master race oops ..... master cheater 😂
  10. gk9147

    Tarmac Physics and FFB

    Maybe your steering wheel has a setup too responsive (a low rotation angle) that's why your car leaves on the outside so easily, after me to prevent my car from slipping back, I put a rear settings more flexible for suspensions and shock absorbers and anti-roll bars but you risk to understeer
  11. gk9147

    DiRT 2.0 disappointing loyaltys

    for me i think , is difficult to explain because my english is bad when you see paul coleman , (and maybe other dev i don t know ) and after christina leave codemasters( i talk only for dirt team ), i think maybe codemasters have new dev( not all new dev team ) and there have been replacements for important positions ( example : now ross gowing is new game director and he has replaced paul coleman ) and more . in management this can create upheaval during the development of a game i said this because codemasters since 2018 create lot of announce for recruiting new dev and other . and for pace note error jon armstrong discover this work ( yes is really good rally driver and yes he win WRC e-sports championships , i respect this performance ) but i think the pace note is only for e-sport and player who drive with very low setup ( 540 , 360 ,270 degree ( e-sport player drive with this setup )( and very high sensibility with controler too ) because this note is very high and not for player who play with normal setup ( controler and steering wheel ) i hope for the futur ( futur update pace note maybe or new rally game ) jon armstrong will make pace- notes for the rally fan player and not for the e-sport player .
  12. gk9147

    DiRT 2.0 disappointing loyaltys

    I forgot in wrc 8 on the tarmac with rwd car slide and drift is more better than dr 2.0 lancia evo 37 13:17 look( sorry for annoying playseat sound )
  13. gk9147

    DiRT 2.0 disappointing loyaltys

    hi 1 wrc 8 have better tarmac than dirt rally 2.0 ( is not the best but is really better ) i explain the germany and monte carlo have road very bumpy with this country is not possible to drive with hard setup and very low car and spain is flat so your setup is not same than monte carlo and germany . ( i play with wheel ) is your car is to much low you have bad vibrations and sometimes you loose control . 2 dirt rally 2.0 have better gravel and snow ( in wrc 8 is good too but DR 2.0 is better ) 3 dirt rally 2.0 have better graphism than wrc 8 4 dirt rally 2.0 have better sound effect than wrc 8 5 dirt rally 2.0 have better car model than wrc 8 , in DR 2.0 the car is more beautiful and when you drive in dashboard all interior is different because you have really cokpit , in wrc 8 you have sometime same cokpit and he is not beautiful 6 wrc 8 have more different weather ( and he have dynamic weather too ) than dirt rally 2.0 7 wrc 8 have better pace note ( really better ) , in dirt rally 2.0 the pace note is horrible 8 wrc 8 have better landscapes ( house , mountain , town ....) the only town part in DR 2.0 is in poland and spain
  14. a d accord merci pour la réponse mais je pense qu il n a pas tort car il y a des moments ou j ai des contact avec des parties de la route ( rocher et autres ...) ou sur un très gros saut avec des suspensions très souples je n ai pas la sensations de rebond des suspensions assez intense sur le volant , si il y a un update pour ça ce serait super car ça permettrait de chercher un bon compromis avec les suspensions , la hauteur et le roulis , imaginez en allemagne sur le gros saut si la voiture est trop basse et avec un réglages trop dur ont fait de très gros dégat sur le chassis et si la voitures est trop haute et souple elle aura des réactions de rebond mais on on casse pas le chassis
  15. hi codemasters this week i play in RX carrer for the trophy ' win 8 events in RX ", and i drive with WRX and i discover the tarmac wet is more gripy than dry tarmac after i finish this trophy i test the race in dry and wet weather with RX2 and s1600 too and i have same problem the wet tarmac is more gripy than dry tarmac in Rx , in dirt part have no problem , on dry dirt part is slipery and when i drive in same dirt part in mudy this part is more slipery than dry version .