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  1. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip

    ford focus 07 have livrery and bmw M2 ( not real livrery )
  2. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip

  3. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip

    😮😮 paul coleman, not really leave the codemasters . slurp tonk NOICE !!! so the DLC is real ?
  4. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip

    thanks for the special livrery 😂 the name of livrery is "frogmaster"
  5. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip

    very strange update because now you have only 3 or 4 car with new livrery and patch note list is very small for 8 gb update
  6. gk9147

    DiRTy Gossip

    8 gb for the update oof !!!
  7. so wait februry for the new info
  8. i watch this in facebook on autocrest facebook page look if you have facebook 2000 CC calendar esport monte carlo sweeden mexico argentina portugal italia kenya finland new zeeland turkey germany japan R5 autocrest esport spain lativa poland italia hungary cyprus group A arctic finland ? galway irish (really ) england france russia USA ( new US ) R-GT UK poland south africa croatia ireland ( donegal) ( jon armstrong drive in galway and donegal too) USA maybe it was ghost or codemasters broken my head
  9. gk9147

    Something is coming...

    yeah and the year 1 pass finish this month maybe the year pass 2 coming before the 20 march because wait 2 month with enough is very long
  10. no the priority is gameplay not graphics , and since 1 year the players wait for these problems to be corrected, so your effects of sun, fog, or others can wait
  11. realistic ?you find it realistic to play in hood view? or have a HUD mirror in rallycross? is that realistic for you? and I repeat, be patient the new generations of consoles will soon arrive and surely a new dirt rally
  12. true but here you compare historic car and the all car have huge different performances (engine, power, weight ...) you are right, but the modern is very different the manufacturer are very limited in the regulations for performance so if you put S2000 with official regulations against R5 with regulations personally I think the R5 will win. an example for the R2 the new version of the 208 will have a smaller engine with a turbo. why Peugeot will change the motor ? is strange , because it costs a lot of money to recreate a complete motor . other example with R5 the citroen C3 motor is an upgrade version of the DS3 and the 208 if you look the characteristic of the C3 gain 2 horsepower (280 Hp for 208 and ds3 to 282 Hp for C3) unfortunately for citroen the difference with the front acceleration ramp and the rear acceleration ramp is too large so it oversteer in the middle of the year yoan bonato test the C3 with aerodynamic improvements to solve the problem, but citroen again less good than skoda because skoda has found the right cocktail to win in this category to finish with modern cars, a small detail can make a huge difference
  13. @HoksuHoo why codemasters should share their work? the problems probably come from the consoles (PS4 and Xbox one) the new generations of consoles arrive at the end of the year and surely the new dirt will arrive in 2021 to correct with visual effects like on the photo. codemasters have more priorities than fog: @PJTierney -the inertia slide on tarmac (with all rally category) -tire strategy (which is very bad) -rain on the tarmac raly and RX (for the rally rain tire is better than medium tires, on dry conditions and you can drive very fast without losing control on the the rain) - the work of the suspensions (the work suspension does not really exist, i have impression the cars are cubes which turns, goes up and down and no more, when you brake or accelerate with very flexible suspension you do not see the car going down in front or rear , same for the jumps .... I play in cokpit view I have very little visual sensation of the work of the suspensions I just have the impression of turning left to right, going up and down, with my 206 when I come fast in turn , my car tilting on one side, like one day I took a jump 90km/h instead of 50 km/h in a a small town , after the jump i have feeling my car go down more lower than the base height and the exhaust touch the floor , that day, my exhaust had holes .
  14. gk9147

    Car is nervous in Spain

    if you have a wheel lock effect? , decrease the ramp of decelerations( differential), and / or decrease (not too much because if you put a too short gearbox you block the wheel too ) the difference gear per gear of your gearbox(transmissions) , if you set this parameters correctly your motor no have bad effect when you decelerate , so no wheel locks, and no lose control too