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  1. Maybe codemasters wait the end of WRC season to add the 380 HP rally 1 for dirt rally 3 and kylotonn add the new rally 1 hybrid 2022 car for WRC 11 , so i wait january for DR 3 announcement
  2. Bhad baby - 22 remix j en marre de la vie
  3. for real damage if you crash you destroy lot parts on your car but on DR 2.0 you touch the wall or others you comeback to the stages easily add real physics that 2 video proof DR 2.0 physics is not simulation i have impression he drive R5 he no have problem with understeer with kitcar look the setup car at 6:12 he put rear camber on max he no understeer , look differential he push he max and he not undesteer too @PJTierney @cmRossGowing i hope dirt rally 3 will be a really simulation
  4. i come back to the servers but who kicked me from the servers
  5. only 4 on semi final and only 3 driver on semi final 2 , where is renault,skoda...?
  6. Codemasters soon with DR 3.0 0:57
  7. Disagree DR 3.0 come with wrc content, example codematers have world rallycross license and wrx content is on Dr 2.0 and dirt 4
  8. Grid come 2022 but when January? September? December? If DR3 come in 2022 he come in april because F1 come in july and WRC 11 come in September. codematers games not come in autumn and winter . And i think wrc change the number with WRC 22 with codematers or he continue with Dirt rally with WRC content and i hope he add this generations rally 1 with 2022 generations rally 1.
  9. Correct pace note because dr 2.0 have very bad pace note Reallly rain tyre Upgrade tarmac physics good strategy tyres and strategy tyre for Rallycross Historic tyre for Historic car because the tyre is very grippy on DR 2.0
  10. Why DR 3.0 not come in februry2022 because gran turismo 7 come in 4 march for PlayStation and Forza horizon 5 come this November for xbox maybe DR 3.0 come in September 2022 and this game have big WRC update with Rallly 1 car, official livrery for WRC 2 and WRC 3 in January 2023 .
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