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  1. yeah yeah no plan for dirt rally 2.0 but now toyota come soon to NFS heat 2:39 tweet by toyota sorry is french so now i wait DR3.0 or dirt 5 to see toyota 😂
  2. its official citroen leave WRC after 2021 , and ogier discusses whether he's making his last season with citroen or another https://www.bienpublic.com/sport/2019/11/16/rallye-citroen-quittera-le-wrc-en-2021-l-avenir-d-ogier-toujours-incertain
  3. and for S. prévot you have new info why he comeback to CM this week ?
  4. maybe the wRX cars have new category for evolve versions ?
  5. I think that the cars that will arrive are versions evolve
  6. if citroen leave wrc maybe codemasters add this car on DR 2.0 or futur dirt game ?
  7. yes maybe , if citroen stop ogier go in toyota and tanak go in hyundai look is french https://www.autoplus.fr/citroen/c3/actualite/wrc-sebastien-ogier-depart-Citroen-CR-WRC-1544104.html
  8. benett is good RX driver the problem is not benett the problem is mini cooper
  9. jon armstrong go to RX spa he share story on instagram
  10. agent 007 ? no agent DR2.0😂
  11. small question , where you find this information ?
  12. andrew coley maybe is for new bonus video historic race and prévot maybe is for new rally and (maybe ) update pace note and for me if season 5 ( and 6) come in , i wait 2 new rally tarmac ( because only spain and germany is boring) and 1 new gravel rally
  13. new update 1.18 download ? 2 Gb
  14. new season ? new category rally cars ? new cars what ??? is only subaru teaser 😂 https://youtu.be/SMDiy8g3HDs
  15. finland kakaristo with ps4 controler today ( the controler setup is similar controler setup than dirt rally 1 ) sensibility 35 linearity 7 deadzone 5 all new livrery i add this livrery on mistubishi R5 , bmw M2, and subaru " very beautiful livrery 😉" @PJTierney is possible to share the message for devvelopers who create this livrery is possible to share the message for devvelopers who create this livrery
  16. the french pace note is very bad too example he said ninety ( french is quatre-vingt -dix) but in french the note is square ( french is équerre ) he said sky but you go down of the road the note is very high and not good he said close but you don t know if the close 1, 2 or 3 is not precise and lot of error honnestly i wait update for that ,with another fictional co-driver it will cost less for codemasters
  17. MG car ? maybe is new special gift car same than bmw m2 , i hope for season 4 to have new bonus rally country ( galway rally ) because this season is only for rallycross
  18. i no have mixed voice but the french comment at the end of stage is not prevot is girl talking very strange
  19. ps4 and pc is not same on ps4 you have big update with finland and livrery , for PC is just only update for bug corrects ( and maybe livrery ) because on pc is more easy to access on DLC before its release, that why PC player not have all update today
  20. update 1.10/1.17 start 12 Go
  21. the AI is very bad ,lol masters mode he need change the name " masters cheaters " to have the best engine , and controler and steering wheel rotation very low and very responsive maybe that why the career mode no have trophy in solo mode
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