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  1. look audi Rx i want drive RX car ( WRX , RX2 , S1600 ) on rally track in DR 2.0 now. damn 😂 i have question who want ford escort hoonigan livrery ? ( yes the body is not same than escort on DR 2.0 i talk only for livrery )
  2. honnestly the 2 last livrery update( and dirtfish livrery too ) is very beautiful very nice
  3. @PJTierney finally i find setup for slide with group lancia delta 45:48 and 46:08 my funny reactions in replay on 2 hirpin start at 50:36 for that i push rear anti rollbar very hard and i put front anti rollbar similar than rear but litle more flexible , is work for other group B and RGT you need use hard tyre too
  4. for me ,dirt 2 and TOCA game have very good career too on dirt 2 look 2:24 and if continue the carrer sometimes ken block , pastrana , dave mira ... call you for special event , xgames... @dani211212 same i play gt sport for nostalgia too , and i have question you create livrery on GT sport ? if yes ,is possible to add you on PSN ? @PJTierney i hope for next dirt have really career and lot really livrery and better option for custom livrery
  5. me : nice you have new car friends : yes , its electric me : oh no electric car friends : i have sound car option
  6. i choose all car and for grid i no want this game i see gameplay and i no like new grid , he is arcade and honestly i wait GTR 3,
  7. honestly i test lancia 037 in wrc 8 and is possible to drift and slide on tarmac same than reality
  8. i aggre too for the tarmac @dani211212 and where you have info for dlc in wrc 8 ?
  9. you tell me about something that I already know, I'm talking about time difference when using a sequential box and a gearbox (because if I read what you wrote to me you talk about all the technical to take a turn (mass transfer, clutch to revive the engine ....)) I'm talking about time !!! you will lose time if you use gearbox, the gearbox ( Hpattern) is not sticking on the steering wheel (she near the leg) so you have to go on the gearbox, you change gear and after the hand come back on the steering wheel, for the sequential box it is to the side of the steering wheel so
  10. @dgeesi0 it is normal what I said, you find it normal to shift speeds faster than a sequential box? no . with the gearbox you can skip a speed, that's true (example: 3 to 1, or the opposite if the gearbox is very short) it can save litle time, but with a gearbox there is always a loss of time to change the gear. with a gearbox need anticipate the good gear for the turn while with a sequential gearbox you can change it in the turn and play with it to correct your trajectory (example you launch your car in the turn , your car loses acceleration and you downshift to gain accelerations again in m
  11. @dgeesi0 proof that heusinkveld is not a good hardware but a gadjet that changes gears very quickly.
  12. @MaXyMsrpl sorry i m late but i totally agree with you , @PJTierney you need listen really simracer in priority , having a low (or very low) rotation angle turns your simu game into an arcade game. i have 2 TSS handbrake and TH8A , it is not hard to use, you will not break your hand, and I tested the hardware of FANATEC at the PGW (paris games week) and it is not hard used too
  13. tss handbrake work and the tarmac is not the best but is better than DR 2.0 sorry for annoying sound playseat sound 13:07 lancia 037 i choose part with hairpin and square turn for testing slide , drift , and use handbrake
  14. -tss handbrake not work for ps4 ( sequential and handbrake mode ) - the hairpin and square announced very late , - and AI is for for player play with low rotation i wait update for this 3 problem
  15. pace note is very high same than sweden thank you for your very bad pace note e-sports jon armstrong codemasters should change the name for this game , is not DR2.0 the really name is hillclimb and rallycross 2.0 😂
  16. GTR 3 coming soon i no buy grid game
  17. i test wrc 8 today with controler i no listen bad pace note , but the square turn is announced late ( i put the co driver timing note in very early )
  18. i finish dirt 2 , dirt 4 in 100 % 😉 maybe dirt rally 2.0 soon
  19. @Riggs very short gears setup is not good too because , always time you motor is on max so the motor is hot always time and is not good for your motor,
  20. if you have the gear setup to short or you down you gear early is possible you broken you gear and your motor same than PCars 2 is good , so don t use GTRtechnical setup if you no want destroy your motor ( sorry is french video )
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