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  1. @PJTierney yes 😉 because in real life is impossible to turn in left max and after right max 3 times again in same turn , example you turn in left and after you turn in right max , again max left again right .... in same turn is impossible IRL but with my setup you turn left and if you trajectory is not good ( because you have bad car setup or miss the note ( you turn very late )) you use handbrake and the turn is more realistic . for finish the heavy transfert sensation is better 😉
  2. @PJTierney i use controler today and i use sensibility 35 linearity 7 and deadzone 5 this setup for controler is more realistic (maybe more hard ) than default look 😉
  3. the drone follow the car 1:12😂
  4. yes 206 wrc and greece and finland rally coming soon
  5. new possible dirt coming ? maybe last season 5 only for rally
  6. so is 2 new livrery for 2 ford fiesta
  7. Wolkswagen kitcar ?, ford fiesta rally cross ( stard ?) and fiesta fiesta RXS evo 5 ? you have photo or video of this car in real life ,and only 2 rally country for 2 season , is dirt rally not dirtrallycross codemasters
  8. gt2 is my favorite game more 600 cars ( renault espace F1 ....)
  9. onboard + *** moment other car in midle of road 1:34😂
  10. wrc 8 vs dirt rally 2.0
  11. is controler gameplay and maybe he play with assist
  12. hyundai R5 comback for car bonus you no have delta and 037 ( pre -commended car and ( maybe season pass coming after )
  13. @ebarbs27 @Riggs sorry now the pics 😉
  14. small question , for the oculus livrery how to win this livrery on in my team mode but i not understand
  15. subaru impreza 2001 confirmed https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2292197387761354&set=p.2292197387761354&type=3&theater
  16. after i see the ford video my react epic dancing the rally comeback yessss !!!
  17. i wait club mode update 1.8 because i want drive with my friend , DiscordRC and your official league
  18. racenet is off : error code 3ae154c5-58-58
  19. danm 10 giga for dirtfish update
  20. i want more rally too maybe more rally come in season 3 ( and maybe season 4 too )
  21. me: you released dirtfish update? codemasters :no!! me: you released dirtfish update? codemasters :noooo!! me: you released dirtfish update? codemasters :NOOOOOOOOOO !! 😂
  22. i want drive rally with rallycross car too ( WRX , s1600, RX , crosskarts ) , look 600 HP car in rally tracks would have amazing cant wait to see that
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