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  1. danm 10 giga for dirtfish update
  2. i want more rally too maybe more rally come in season 3 ( and maybe season 4 too )
  3. me: you released dirtfish update? codemasters :no!! me: you released dirtfish update? codemasters :noooo!! me: you released dirtfish update? codemasters :NOOOOOOOOOO !! 😂
  4. i want drive rally with rallycross car too ( WRX , s1600, RX , crosskarts ) , look 600 HP car in rally tracks would have amazing cant wait to see that
  5. who have update ? maintenance for ps4 damn
  6. thursday i drive in dirtfish with listen dirt 2 soundtrack #CantWait 😂
  7. dirtfish coming today because i no see update
  8. maybe codemasters add ghymkhana and hillclimb in DLC too 😂 solberg , kristoffersson, block loeb and romain dumas
  9. who are ready for dirtfish 😉😂 . dirtfish irl and me with dirt fish teacher tomorrow😂
  10. i m not fan of rx race but lyden hill ,spa .... with skoda and hyundai is would good in dlc
  11. WRC 8 is not copy of wrc 7 new : -more option for tyre choice and degradation for tyre - weather change during the stage - more option for weather - career mode improve ( with manage and upgrade your team , and choice to start directly in WRC 2 private team) - classic car comeback ( yes at this time you have only 4 car maybe after update or season pass coming later ) - more 100 stages personaly wrc 7 is good for me and you said is arcade because player remove rotation and linearity on her sterring wheel, so is possible to play on arcade mode
  12. OMG dirtfish and new content announced
  13. yes it's true the sound of cars is bad but I pre-comended wrc 8 for the modern cars and especially for see new rally stage
  14. the content of wrc 7 in DLC arrived free in v-rally 4, would it be possible that kylotonn adds v-rally cars 4 (max clio, and other cars history) free on wrc 8?
  15. on ps store the deluxe editoions cost 63 euro with ps plus sub
  16. lancia 037 , porsche GT3 , lancia delta , alpine , ford escort MKII confirmed
  17. personaly i wait real new season 3 with rally and kit car , i dont like RX ,rx is funny but not my favorite race
  18. finally only 6 stages in events week thank you @PJTierney and codemasters team
  19. finally i can slide and drift on tarmac @SimVansevenant @ianism @PJTierney sorry, is true the tarmac is not bad , i find the problem on my setup now 😉
  20. lol i push the co-driver timing on very early now is more easy because now, i know the rally stage who have error
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