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  1. yes it is a real co drivers ok ok , but for you if it is a real co-driver so there is no error for the pace note , what a joke i think codemasters should listen their french pace note for all rally stages because the pace note have lot problem ( timing , especially pace note error ......)
  2. xbox france donc tu parle francais donc pour toi l australie n apas de bosse , de creux ou autres  tu devrais mieux règler ton volant  , a mon avis 

  3. to complain ? but it's normal to complain, the game has a lot of problem, my goal as an honest player is to explain the problems, to avoid future codemaster games is the same problem look at I give you an example of co-drivers error when you go in the water the English co-pilot says "splash" for the French co-pilot he says "long d aguet" his would have been better than the French co-pilots say "puddle in UK and in french is flaque or flaque d eau " forums are made for the player to help each other, to give good or bad advice, and to be able to contact the developer to report
  4. @Snoopy43 and good pace note too because the pace note in DR2.0 is really bad
  5. generate tracks on dirt 4 was good , clearly i wait the new generate tracks improve , with lot of turn and with real simulation mode and good FFB for the next dirt or new rallygames because drive in same rally stage always time, is boring
  6. with 2 TSS handbrake ( sequential + handbrake )
  7. i want big track editor in rally games for infiny rally too 😋
  8. @PJTierney you add photo of classic car slidding and drifting on tarmac but the tarmac on DR 2.0 is bad clearly dirt fan need go to asseto corsa to see the difference
  9. @ianism mini cooper is announced by bennett + subaru impreza wrc 2001 in trailer wait, end of july for season 3
  10. he said this in 2:40 he said " for the nostalgic player , for the first time in WRC , you can play with historic car alpine , lancia stratos and the famous proton , the proton never driver drive this car is not classic car is new car " kylotonn add real complete super stage in the game , you have 14 country for more 100 stages , 50 rally team, and he add more option for camera views ( third person , onboard .....)
  11. WRC 8 alpine , stratos and proton R5 confirmed its french video
  12. need update for tyre need more tyre strategy because soft tyre is personnaly the hard tyre is very grippy and soft tyre wear to slowly , for repear time i choose short and meduim , and stages before services i choose first 2/5 and 1/5/1 for tyre strategie ( need update for wear tyre) sometime , second 3/3/1 and 2/3/2 normal stage and third 3/4
  13. Riggs personally with the steering wheel I play at 1080 degrees, I do not change the steering wheel settings, if I want the car is more responsive or more stable , I change car settings ( now for 1080 degree i put "saturation de pilotage" in 90 %)
  14. personally i try with controller and i don 't need setup for pad , is easy with default setup
  15. SkiddyMcCrash yes is true is more easy to drive with controller in dirt rally 2.0
  16. road sensation look the wheel i have same sensation in DR 1.0 bump , turn .... can twait to see that
  17. pace note are horrible if codemaster no change maybe i comeback in DR 1.0 and D4 and i have better road sensation in DR 1.0 than DR 2.0 now i wait big update hairpin is not left 1 close and i m tired to recalculate the bad notes anytimes why in left 1 turn he said left 3? why ? same on square he said left 2 or left 1 why explain why you add this bad notes ?
  18. PJTierney i have 3 enginer but i buy all car
  19. monte carlo + sweden + germany = 😂
  20.  F2 , 2000 , group B Rwd come back in dlc   , maybe  DR 2.0 have more season because  3 2000 , 2 f2 , 2group Rwd, hyundai R5 , mini RX  (maybe 2010  and  new car come  too )   , in 1 season you have 3 car    for 2 season  , the missing cars come in first with 2 or 3 season  and after the new  car come or   in new season you have all F2 + new car ( exemple  toyota celica ( all celica ) and corolla  , peugeot 206 , skoda octavia and fabia WRC   seat cordoba , saxo kitcar ......) I speak
  21. finally R5 all dashboard  work  for fiesta R5 work   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAs_tGOCJfI  and i have same reaction after i see the  onboard fiesta R5    listen 0:26  :D  yeah !!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzYYwIHeedU
  22. teknoid85  maybe ,it is necessary  upgrade for have the  wrc because WRC 2018 and 2019 is same and in WRC this year  you have  only 4 car . 
  23. imagine, 2 finland version in DR 2.0 ,  summer same DR 1 version  and winter  version   .
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