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  1. @Rygar86 thanks for you reply :) , but what is replay system ?  , for lengh stages maybe codemasters think the player  is not ready for long  stage, look  dirt 4 in spain you have more 20 km ( and 19 for other country )stage in rally ( in dirt rally 1.0 the more longer  rally   stage have 11km ), wait dirt rally 2.0 maybe the long stage ( 30 km ,maybe 40 or 50 km ) come in to this futur game.  

    personally, my only  problem is co-driver error ( example : on dirt 4 , the co driver said the bad  angle of turn  or pin not precise ( you no have info for  close or open note sometimes ).

    and for me was good but on dirt rally 1.0 you no have many RX  race because codemaster, before dirt 4 no have RX licence . and the rally stage is limited because after 3 month , you know perfectly the all rally stage . for dirt rally 2.0 i wait normal stage and i wait really more the  generated stage  . and i hope the monthly update (with small dlc) come to this game  ( not all years  but monthly  update during 2 years   should be good  )
  2. Rygar86 why stop at 4 dlc ;) ? if the game is good it could do more with small dlc, for not that the game dies, watch the crew 2 , gt sport or gta 5, after 3 or 4 big dlc "season", he could add 1 or 2 cars by month with 1 or 2 courses of rally on a country already on the game, and add a new country every 6 months or more. if the game works well with the game sales money, codemasters could buy more licenses for cars or racing licenses (example: add new rally cars, arx licenses and new rallycross circuit (except official RX they already have the licenses). :)
  3. mr deap valentino rossi is good bike driver but not good car driver lol ( after you go show me peter solberg on dirt 4  :D ) or scott speed in iracing  :D :D  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Lgrf887OS8
  4. MrDeap I know that simulation is not reality and in the video you show me, the person driving is in onboard views the proof that I am right. it is not with a view bumper or roof camera that you will learn a trajectory in reality

    Porkhammer sorry for my Punctuation
  5. Porkhammer  in the documentary loeb his wife said that they were training on his simulator in his house and was training on real simulator to prepare the pikes peak with the 208 in cokpit view to be used to the sunburn and turns in dead zone video or we see loeb on dirt 4 in the final does not mean anything he tried the game and the steering wheel was set to be comfortable in the game because it turns less his steering wheel in dirt 4 if you look at the loeb onboard in WRX on Tv he uses a lot the handbrake and turns a lot more his steering wheel

  6.  MrDeap  maybe but me what makes me laugh is when I hear simracer who want to become pilots while they do not drive in good view personally I would like to see competitions e-sport official (GT, pcars ..... ) with the view cokpit it would be more interesting to watch and especially more serious ( I sometimes watch races on iracing except racing nascar turn round is annoying)

  7. pro luxe-my hands are wings again
    kenrik krinkle stay fabian mazur  remix
    odesza-how did you get here

  8. bogani personally the menu is not important the gameplaywith the wheel, the effects of shadows (yes we do not see anything I do the bike in the woods and I can see the road but on dirt we see nothing), the dashboard of the Ford R5 is not good on the real Ford R5 it has the engine speed but not the number of the gearbox, I play without HUD if I take a pin I do not know if I'm in first gear or neutral, that's why I never ride with the Ford R5 (be careful, I'm talking about the Ford R5 because it's a sequential gearbox for cars with the standard gearbox i use the th8a so no problem for me )https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hBXIiRNMtJQ
  9. gfRally I play dirt 4 and dirt rally. dirt 4 for the system of generated tracks and dirt rally for the gameplay but the 2 games are boring, not many countries and content personally I'm waiting V-rally 4, it will show me new countries  and for your stats me I know some players because the systems generated tracks are too difficult for them and yet for me there are not many blocks of turns and I want to be more new turn with more precision in the notes of co-driver

  10. dgeesi0 lol the presentation of a menu has nothing to do with the gameplay
    watch dirt 4 they put a simple menu i love the system of generating tracks but the gameplay is bad and stop talking about steering wheel settings and graphics. lower the return of force and vibrations and the rotation of the steering wheel to lose the real reaction of the car or increase the brightness and contrast to see in the dark as if it is made day .lol "huge joke"

  11. MrDeap ok but on dirt the game is very responsive and there are players who abuse steering wheel settings and controllers to make better time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9vGH0okbxY the video is french but watch the time in descritption and you will see the differences
  12. Madhun1967   everything depends on your steering wheel settings even if VR4 is not a simulation we can have good feeling like dirt rally and dirt 4 because a lot of player uses settings to make performance and not for realism
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