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  1. monrroe ft emily makis -never too old
  2. Real damage and real physics https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQfh3E33xFk
  3. Dragon 1 : i m serious Dragon 2 : i m serious too and you is serious dragon 3? Dragon 3 brain :
  4. Pike peak ? Maybe is message to hill climb race comeback for DR 3
  5. hi codemasters it would take the return of "your stage" for 12 countries (3 tarmac, 9 gravel) , honestly I love this road block system because we always have different turns, it should be more complete than dirt 4 because on dirt 4 there was not a lot of road
  6. feel the outside of the road on the steering wheel (grass, sidewalk, ...), this info was on dirt 4
  7. yes true ,i hope for dirt rally 3 the game have better strategy of tyre
  8. I comeback on dirt 4 and i love your stage because the rally is unlimited
  9. Jon armstrong interwiew at the end
  10. no, because there is not a lot of car game on consoles, so I would take wrc 10 to wait for DR 3.0
  11. honnestly if DR 3 not come this year ,i buy wrc 10 :)
  12. Wrc 10 with new cars and new country , i hope see counter-attack codemasters with DR 3
  13. RIP https://www.racedepartment.com/threads/in-memory-of-william-marsh.200918/
  14. BCee, Charlotte Haining & DRS - Love For The Fallen
  15. @PJTierney @cmRossGowing please remove upgrade motor i drive with motor level 1 VS AI motor level 7
  16. Outro song: Margari's Kid - Miracle i <3 DnB and UK
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