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  1. Outro song: Margari's Kid - Miracle i <3 DnB and UK
  2. gran turismo 4 relaxing song
  3. https://www.facebook.com/Tom.Coronel/videos/240260860814047
  4. sub focus and machinedrum - 1000 miles start 1:30 monrroe-you got me
  5. yes true @bn880 , i want real damage car model, hardcore mode on Dr 2.0 is bad , and how is possible to drive with very hard setup and you drive easily on off-road part ( finland australia ....) same for the brake when player drive only front brake but he have never problem with brake. exemple on PCars 2 if you drive with only front brake your car have problem ( hot brake you have bad effect on braking ...) , if you drive with very hard setup on bumpy road you have very bad effect when you driving , if you push your motor in max, the motor have problem .... personally i want really da
  6. take two delete the offers https://www.gamekult.com/actualite/apres-l-intervention-d-ea-take-two-retire-son-offre-pour-codemasters-3050835001.html
  7. Next episode rain and mud yes yes yes ....
  8. Maybe after the final e-sport ..... I hope
  9. alcemist-peace dawn wall -legends
  10. Planet 1999 - Touch My Body (Mariah Carey Cover) (Live at Pop Carol)
  11. when a developer puts a message on dirty gossip or puts a like, it is more powerful than the music of gods 😂
  12. omg, ross gowing the big boss of dirt rally comment on dirty gossip my reaction :
  13. french video look 14:48 😂
  14. me : i want share video with car , mud , beer and girls codemasters reply :
  15. slipknot album 1999 my favorite 7:57 and 10:23
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