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  1. When teaser or info come for DR 3
  2. tiesto - delirium - silence ft sarah Mclachlan
  3. future - codeine crazy instrumental
  4. dawn wall - longshanks sorrow - mourner season love -torngren
  5. cahb - secrets crystal fighters summer ( brookes brothers remix ) crystal castle - not in love ( glass gifts remix )
  6. ATB- Ecstasy ( morten granau remix ) ATB - don t stop remix ( best part 4:20) ATB -Don t stop ( original )
  7. so you work for high school or university , amazing
  8. texas -inner smile connor and jay -change GTA3
  9. dildon t -stripe summer GTA 3 song rockstar games song comment youtube "I just got the backstory on this song from Reddit. A guy was playing the game and thought he recognized the girl singing on this song as his friend. He looked up the credits and sure enough, it was her. The singer said she was working abroad when she met a sound engineer from Rockstar who let her sing all kinds of things in his home studio, just for fun. Later on, with her permission, he sampled her vocals and made this track".
  10. donnie dubson - beyond infinity donnie dubson and andy sim -day dream donnie dubson - hills of zion
  11. Surreal " by John O'Callaghan feat. Jaren
  12. whiney- better with you ( Ft alex frank)
  13. the heavy physics work with spare wheel on DR 2.0. i give exemple: 1 wheel in front , you oversteer 2 wheel in front ,more oversteer because the heavy is in front 1 wheel in rear , understeer 2wheel in rear , more understeer you need adjust your setup to solve problem and if you car is more heavy is more stable for accelerate and more difficult brake sorry for my bad translate
  14. MISOGI – Falseawakening / RealitY Shift
  15. option to see where the spare wheels are placed ( front , rear ....), because the heavy wheel is important for car setup
  16. new playseat rally sorry is french translate ( with codemasters partners )
  17. logistics -machine commix- cold kiss commix-only
  18. polygon-high (ft lois lauri ) eastcolors - toy ( start at 1:00) LSB - if you're here ( ft sophia wardman )
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