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  1. For new D5 location wait Yes on comment i no create topic , but good luck to find this comment you need read more 600 page , very strange you no see this comment because you is always time on this forums
  2. Is similar than dr 2.0 look the road effect with mud part i think the game is light version of dr 2.0 is possible D5 have less Car setup (Maybe not) and he remove big bad effect collision for multiplayer, remember this game is for all player @ianism ok but for dr 2 you know if codemasters add DLC with Dr 1 country ? Before dr 2.0 release date ? (I no said 2 week ago before release date (is Exemple ) On the forums i talk for comeback dr 1 country rally on dlc in idea before the first season be announced on dr 2.0 , and strangely the dr 1 country come on Dlc , if you look or
  3. Dirt rally use official current track , so why you want change finland with another same finland ? Same for RX HELL is HELL , codemasters just need add new feature ,content (car , rally , rx , maybe hillclimb too ) and correct the game , that why i think he come in 2021 maybe before summer because the game is for sim racer , rally and RX fan player
  4. Maybe 2021 because i think he upgrade dr 2.0 with new feature ( New stage , new country , upgrade physics (inertia , bump and jump effect On steering wheel ... ) correct the tarmac rain really strategy tyre, , add dynamic weather feature from D5 , add different season feature From D5 ,correct pace note , maybe he add tyre pressure setup( Exemple very low ,low , normal high , very high and if is good for the futur he add more option for dr 4 or dr5) and temperature brake and more driving effect on onboard same than dirt 2 and add new car too
  5. For all dirt you have rally with pace note , easy note true but he have note , dirt is easy version of rally and other off -road sport car for public( Or casual ) player , if you remove this part ,the game is same than werckest , dirt showdown , because with dirt you discover the discpline ( example : rally with note and late start )And in plus if you add mixed car on online (rgt with muscle car or group A with R5 category )Where is logic ? Seriously so if you have porsche you destroy the old ford except if codemasters nerf the car . After i send request for dirt rally to add mixed chal
  6. True but codemasters announced 70 track in game is good and if codemasters add old track (Dirt 1 , dirt 2 , dirt 3 not dirt 4Because the game have official track) if possible to have more 100 track honnestly i want comeback on usa( track from dirt) , Monaco,london , croatia japan , kenya Indonesia maroc ... Track hillclimb , supercross (Without joker),rally i hope with litle note ,baja ...
  7. @ianism so china is here nice i m not all wrong
  8. True this dirt is reboot not same game than old dirt
  9. Maybe the rx ,rally, baja... track from old dirt come back on Dlc ?
  10. San francisco ? At the start , look big bridge and the sun orange effect China forest? with orange light on bridge same than kung fu panda Alaska? Or croatia ?Scotland or ireland?Oregon ? At the end Edit :All false With mixed car category is pur fun game
  11. 42 s finallly different season on same track ( Winter autumn , spring summer ) with" dynamic" weather at the end too maybe futur dr 3.0 have this upgrade
  12. The only good point is new different weather and cool effect during race, building and house is here now finallly and beautiful landscape too is very good
  13. Only next gen,!? where is jennifer aniston crying meme Edit Ps4 xbox one too but without lot effect and dynamic weather i think
  14. When i said pace note is not serious note because the game is for all player (not angry reply )
  15. Ok its dirt 5 but where is rally? Ok is fun but you add litle bit serious part on your game ? ( pace note , really rally start ... Same than old dirt )
  16. Wait 20 min and you see if is true or false
  17. Lol i see new logo dirt on instagram and after i go to google to find information for new dirt and i find this info , not very difficult
  18. 17 h in france look xbox youtube channel
  19. new zealand IRL video
  20. Problem on wrc game controler is very bad same Problem than tourist trophy isle of man 1 Problem pace note timig ( But the note is not bad except square announced left 1 close rarely) Car model is horrible especially in onboard (For modern car you have Only 3 different cokpit Since wrc 7) Car Sound is bad very very bad New zealand on wrc 9 gameplay trailer the road i is very large Porsche is very gripy on tarmac on wrc 8 ( I push differencial on max , more hard rear setup, hard tyres ...I test very high rear too just for laugh she is sticked lol)but lanci
  21. Look the dirt pics (Purple pink... Light color) with logo same like old dirt (1 , 2 , 3 ...) , dirt rally have serious logo and dark color for me is dirt 5 not dr 3.0
  22. I think yes , or maybe you want wait 1 more year , honestly i think the game come this September or later this year
  23. Wait 7 may for new dirt info and huge project announced for dirt rally series http://www.jeuxvideo.com/news/1220655/dirt-rally-2-0-codemasters-annonce-la-fin-des-dlc-et-tease-l-avenir-de-la-licence.htm
  24. I confirm the note is very very bad i play with controler and i confirm the square is square before bridge and note is very high the test player need add inertia when he test your game , clearly
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