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  1. new game maybe come in 2021 with PS 5😀 when finally you see real livrery for this ford after waiting lot and lot dirt games😂 🤯
  2. "Dirt Rally 2.0 has been a wild and exciting ride, and the 'FLAT OUT' pack is the perfect way to conclude the journey" -DR2 Game Director Ross Gowing Does it mean that we won't see another DLC seasons ? no more update , me : DR 3.0 or dirt 5 or new rally name in 2021 ?
  3. impreza rally 2.0 ( official lyrycs song ) 0:31 start always more impreza codemasters always impreza the players have DLC with more and more impreza always more impreza always impreza the players have DLC with more and more impreza players please i want xsara cod nothing players maybe ragnotti clio kitcar? cod in your dream players marku allen fiat
  4. me : cool new teaser maybe new country for year pass 2 codemaster : nop walles
  5. audi group B in spain with hard tyre + setup ( 4:10) differential pushed in max start 6:42
  6. ford focus 07 have livrery and bmw M2 ( not real livrery )
  7. 😮😮 paul coleman, not really leave the codemasters . slurp tonk NOICE !!! so the DLC is real ?
  8. thanks for the special livrery 😂 the name of livrery is "frogmaster"
  9. very strange update because now you have only 3 or 4 car with new livrery and patch note list is very small for 8 gb update
  10. 8 gb for the update oof !!!
  11. yeah and the year 1 pass finish this month maybe the year pass 2 coming before the 20 march because wait 2 month with enough is very long
  12. no the priority is gameplay not graphics , and since 1 year the players wait for these problems to be corrected, so your effects of sun, fog, or others can wait
  13. realistic ?you find it realistic to play in hood view? or have a HUD mirror in rallycross? is that realistic for you? and I repeat, be patient the new generations of consoles will soon arrive and surely a new dirt rally
  14. @HoksuHoo why codemasters should share their work? the problems probably come from the consoles (PS4 and Xbox one) the new generations of consoles arrive at the end of the year and surely the new dirt will arrive in 2021 to correct with visual effects like on the photo. codemasters have more priorities than fog: @PJTierney -the inertia slide on tarmac (with all rally category) -tire strategy (which is very bad) -rain on the tarmac raly and RX (for the rally rain tire is better than medium tires, on dry conditions and you can drive very fast without losing control on the the
  15. nice new livrery again please add livrery for 2000 , rgt , h1 , r5, ( especially skoda , citroen ,peugeot ) r2 and h3 too because the dead head , united states livrery , rainbow livrery is really ugly edit : ( for all car have not livrery and add new livrery for the car have ugly livrery )
  16. damn the new livrery ford is sexy
  17. small comeback in monte carlo with 2 fail ( ice is not announced in monte carlo ) + wales in ford
  18. sorry , i was wrong because i see january but is january 2019 not this year http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/12/the-dirt-roadbook-of-the-year-2019/ now i proove i no use google translate always time 😂
  19. yeah but PJ said in codemasters blog, the info for new DLC coming this month , dlc RX is cool but only RX after is boring , so i wait the new info for rally
  20. small question when come the info for the year 2 Dlc ?
  21. for me i wait years pass 2 for lot rally ( more tarmac and mixed track ) litle RX and hill climb at the end ( with 6 different country or locations, 6 because you have only 1 long track for 1 locations ) and more rally car and for new features i wait update for tarmac ( on dry , and wet ) inertia slide and FFB for all category car better tyre strategy ( because tyre strategy is very bad ) update physics for suspension (suspensions with more bouncing effect ) ability to drive with rx car in rally track ( and hillclimb track) and rev
  22. year 2 pâss trailer my reaction after the epic reaction epic dancing
  23. its official ogier leave citroen and citroen no start season 2020 because ogier leave the team
  24. yeah yeah no plan for dirt rally 2.0 but now toyota come soon to NFS heat 2:39 tweet by toyota sorry is french so now i wait DR3.0 or dirt 5 to see toyota 😂
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