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  1. Same here. It is just fantastic. Not a single patch without ruining something since... I cannot even remember. Is there anything like quality control in this company?
  2. Sorry to say it so bluntly, but in my opinion this just makes the situation appear as if codies/ea have absolutely nothing under control. And I cannot say that I like that, very sorry. This is not personal to anyone, it is just my impression. Or as the rating agencies would have said in 2007: it is merely an opinion
  3. freedom of opinion, naturally they defend their decisions, I would do the same. I know of course it isn't barry's fault, but one could really build a management case study on that game for future learnings. Management of expectations by being blurry is certainly not ideal, even though it appears a lot in this world. I mean, yes, the game is certainly complex, but since it is not the first of its kind, there must be experiences on which to base estimates - or have they thrown out the entire development team from F1 2020 to F1 2021 and burned all dosumentation of earlier issues? it just see
  4. THIS IS STUPIDITY ON VIRTUAL PAPER! They have huge expectations and not to say desperately angry hopes on your shoulders anyway, but by keeping the thing so blurry, all they will achieve on top is that for sure everyone will be even more angry. Because every day they dont bring it out is an additional disappointment. Is that really so hard to understand?
  5. To quote Seb Russia 2016: Honestly, what the **** are we doing here? This game F1 2021 is giving me the most frustrating experience since I rejoined with F1 2017. Nothing has been learned from F1 2019 and F1 2020. The same errors repeat each game and become worse. Things become more fragile. No more classic cars, no will to reactivate tracks like Turkey despite having run it in F1 2011 from the same provider, Multiplayer desyncs as if it was the forst F1 game ever, Shame on you. Today I had 3 error codes NM14 or RM14 when trying to enter the weekly event. THIS GAME IS A CATASTROPHE!
  6. Hello Barry and all. I try to explain my issue following the template: ISSUE: after driving in the weekly event this afternoon at 16:00 cet, I opened an unranked lobby to invite my friends to practice and qualify in Abu Dhabi. This had worked perfectly a week ago; yet today first people could not enter my lobby and then I found myself completely unable to join any other lobby myself. The issue sseems to be F1 2020 - specific because in F1 2019 I can join unranked lobbies (didnt try ranked yet) PLATFORM: PC VERSION: 1.16 UNRANKED MULTIPLAYER WIRED CONNECTION (ETHERNET CABL
  7. Hello. This afternoon I drive normally the weekly event (which had a very odd score system, way beyond the normal numbers - like scores around 50'000 instead of 350'000) and after exiting from that one I wanted to set up an unranked lobby (friends only) which had always worked - and suddenly no one could join me and I could also nbot join anyone ever again in hours after that. I uninstalled and reinstalled the game - no change I checked the properties of the game - nothing wrong my internet works fine no changes in antivirus What the hell is going on?
  8. https://f1-clean-driving.jimdosite.com/register/ 100% races. No assists (TC off, ABS off, Manual gears). Racing line is possible. Individual tv/cockpit cam is also possible. 30 minutes Free practice and Quali on Saturday 17:00 CET Race on Sunday 17:00 CET Looking forward to have you joining us. Price money available as well. Links: Website: https://f1-clean-driving.jimdosite.com/ Steam group chat “F1 Clean Driving” https://s.team/chat/DYqqA5IJ Discord server “F1CD”: https://discord.gg/wX3UfGwjww Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/p/CKwzmfGlal6/ Yo
  9. The F1CD League looks for dedicated members who master their F1 game. 100% races on Sundays. No TC, No ABS, Manual gearshift Season 2 is ending - join on 14 or 21 Feb to have a look Season 3 upcoming from 7 March - your chance to win and take a part of the Money pool. Contact me at Steam to get invited to the steam chat group and the discord server. Looking forward to racing with you.
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