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  1. delange93

    Pedalen functie T3pa thrustmaster

    Hey Paul. zeker. Dan ga je in het main menu naar “game options”. Daar ga je naar “settings” vanuit daar naar “controls, vibration and ffb” daar klik je je huidige “control scheme” aan. en klik je edit. dan ben je in t juiste menu. Laat maar weten of het lukt.
  2. delange93

    The Worst Things Jeff Says to You

    "Good job, Youre in the top 10 now!" In a 8 cars online race.....
  3. delange93

    Is My Team too easy?

    I cant tell for sure. But seeing your results in season 1. I feel you got the difficulty too low. What AI are you running?
  4. delange93

    Damage model

    i did a race online a couple of days back where a car behind me outbrakes himself and hit my rear wing.. Guess what; My front wing brakes haha
  5. delange93

    Pedalen functie T3pa thrustmaster

    I'll shall answer in Dutch. Maybe thats easier for PaulKlijn. Probeer eens de mode toets in te drukken. Die draait namelijk de functies van de koppeling en het gaspedaal. Dit zou de oplossing moeten zijn! (staat ook in de manual van t300 als ik het goed heb)
  6. delange93

    Tire temps

    What is your Tyre pressure... If you have this issue on more tracks you could try to put the pressure on the fronts a bit higher. It will give you higher temps. Make sure to not get them too high for monaco as you will loose some grip while turning in
  7. delange93

    Driving a certain KI-Level?

    how higher the AI level. The faster the other cars will be. And how harder they will battle. So when you drive AI at 110 you need to be realy quick and consistent. If you are a beginner you probably want to start at around 60-70 AI. When you find its getting to easy you need to bump it up a bit to keep a competitive race.
  8. delange93

    Newbie with very BASIC Question

    When you are in the main menu, go to game options, the click settings. Then clikc controls Vibrations and ForceFeedback. Here you can chance all the button mapping, settings of your wheel/controller. Hope you can find it 🙂
  9. delange93

    Quali pace of ai

    That could be it. I was hoping it was gone this game. AI is really quick in quali imo no matter the track.
  10. delange93

    Quali pace of ai

    It’s the third season. But I’m only doing 10 races per season switching the tracks up.
  11. delange93

    Quali pace of ai

    Hey all! i found out the quali pace of the AI is insane. For most tracks but this is an example around Zandvoort. my team is the second fastest behind Merc. my teammate and me qualify with really close times but we are only P10-11. ( i felt my lap was pretty good it’s insane how fast the ai is.) this is on 100AI. No assist. Is this a known issue? because ocon and myself are this close I feel I play at the correct difficulty.
  12. delange93

    Evaluate and advice on my driving

    Good to hear mate!!! Happy to help 👍🏻👍🏻 Keep it up and I’ll see you soon in league racing 😃
  13. delange93


    Je zou even kunnen kijken op Invictus racing league. Erg leuke en cleane league 🙂
  14. delange93


    Front wing: 6 Rear wing: 10 Diff on: 50 Diff off: 80 Front camber: -2.7 Rear camber: -1.2 Front toe: 0.07 Rear toe: 0.23 Front suspension: 3 Rear suspension: 3 Front anti roll: 6 Rear anti roll: 8 Front ride height: 3 Rear ride height: 4 Brakes: 82 Front brake bias: 55 Front tyre: 23 Rear tyre: 21.1 This is what i use for league racing. I think its a good setup. I do use no assist. If you got abs/tc you can up the brake and diff Let me know if it helps 🙂
  15. delange93

    F1 2019- Setup Abu Dhabi

    Hey mate! Im using this setup for league racing. Is really good for me with good tyre wear.(won last league race with this setup) Front wing: 2 Rear wing: 5 Diff on: 50 Diff off: 63 Front camber: -2.5 Rear camber: -1 Front toe: 0.05 Rear toe: 0.20 Front suspension: 1 Rear suspension: 2 (you could go 2-2 for more stability, but i found this better) Front anti roll: 4 Rear anti roll: 10 Front ride height: 3 Rear ride height: 4 Brakes: 82 Front brake bias: 55 Front tyre: 23 Rear tyre: 21.1 I do use no assists. So if you use abs you can probably up the brake if you want and for TC you can up the diff on if you like. Let me know what you think of it 🙂