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  1. delange93

    Thrustmaster TM Open Wheel Add-on

    Sorry only seen this just now. 10: DRS 3: ERS 4: Look behind 6: brings up the menu thing where you change fuel etc 5: Decrease fuel 9: Increase fuel R3: Voice command This is what i use on ps5.. 🙂 Let me know what you think.
  2. delange93

    PS4/PS5 Cross Play

    I meant between ps4 and Ps5 mate
  3. delange93

    Equal car performance in GP mode

    Unfortunately there’s no other option at the moment. Maybe codemasters can put it in the game. Equal car offline GP mode. 😄
  4. delange93

    Equal car performance in GP mode

    I know but in practice the track is green. I want to practice quali and race as well haha.
  5. delange93

    Is F1 2020 slower on PS5

    If you just loose on the straight I’d check the input of the throttle. I can’t think of anything else
  6. delange93

    Is F1 2020 slower on PS5

    Thats really weird mate. I have no issues like that after i switched from my ps4pro to my ps5. I still use the same Tcam settings and the same setups. And i get around the same laptimes. is it maybe something with the calibration of your throttle? Does it actually reach 100%?
  7. delange93

    Thrustmaster TM Open Wheel Add-on

    i only now realized this post is quite old haha
  8. delange93

    Thrustmaster TM Open Wheel Add-on

    In my opinion definitely go for the open wheel add on. Not the ferrari f1 wheel. Ive used both. This is what i think - Ferrari F1 feels to plastic - Ferrari F1 is quite heavy compared to the open wheel. So on the open wheel you can feel the force feedback way better. - If you play on PS all the extra buttons have no further advantage imo. - OVerall built quality of the open wheel is way better. and its cheaper. Only downside is you need to wear gloves on the open wheel otherwise youll ruin the alcantara. But for me, i already used gloves, its easily the best wheel out there for the t300 ecosystem.
  9. delange93

    PS4/PS5 Cross Play

    I think it will be... All games at the moment are crossplay. Would be weird if f1 2021 wouldnt have it.
  10. delange93

    Equal car performance in GP mode

    I wonder what you guys think of this. Its always a struggle for me to practice for league races as they use equal car performance. At the moment only way to use this is in Time Trial and in an online lobby. As we all know Time Trial is not a good way to practice for league races and online isnt always possible. Is it an option to set all cars to equal in an offline GP race 🙂 This would help me and im sure others as well.
  11. delange93

    Pedalen functie T3pa thrustmaster

    Hey Paul. zeker. Dan ga je in het main menu naar “game options”. Daar ga je naar “settings” vanuit daar naar “controls, vibration and ffb” daar klik je je huidige “control scheme” aan. en klik je edit. dan ben je in t juiste menu. Laat maar weten of het lukt.
  12. delange93

    The Worst Things Jeff Says to You

    "Good job, Youre in the top 10 now!" In a 8 cars online race.....
  13. delange93

    Is My Team too easy?

    I cant tell for sure. But seeing your results in season 1. I feel you got the difficulty too low. What AI are you running?
  14. delange93

    Damage model

    i did a race online a couple of days back where a car behind me outbrakes himself and hit my rear wing.. Guess what; My front wing brakes haha
  15. delange93

    Pedalen functie T3pa thrustmaster

    I'll shall answer in Dutch. Maybe thats easier for PaulKlijn. Probeer eens de mode toets in te drukken. Die draait namelijk de functies van de koppeling en het gaspedaal. Dit zou de oplossing moeten zijn! (staat ook in de manual van t300 als ik het goed heb)