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    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Screenshots!

    Between Poland's flowers... On ps4
  2. michele2369

    Cut curves

    Hi Codies, as you probably know, the problem of cutting curves (or chicanes) exists in the game. In some stages of various locations (Poland, USA, Germany, etc.) there is the possibility to do it (there are many videos on youtube). Can you put a remedy, perhaps by inserting barriers, obstacles or anything to make sure you don't earn seconds on total time? I thank you for your intervention on the problem.
  3. michele2369

    Heavy rain

    Hi Codies, this evening in new zealand (club DWI), there was the "old" rain (or milk?) resolved with a patch some weeks ago.... Sometimes they returns... Can you resolve one more time? I'm on ps4 and the stage was Te awanga sprint forward Thank you...
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    Hi Codies, why don't you combine the two long stages of Montecarlo to make one? (like in reality). Thanks for your attention, Michele
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    Hi codies, here some bugs: - often, at the stage start, the car is aesthetically damaged, even though I had no accidents in the previous stage - after a stege the car is clean, but should be dirty; clean only after a service area - sometimes at the stage start (and for the all stage), the car is completely broken (only aesthetically). For example: without roof, bonnet, doors wheels etc.. - there is no the possibility to set an only car when create a club, but all a certain category - in the informations of a club the indication of which car should be used is missing Thanks for your works in this very fantastic game. Michele
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    Daily rewards

    Daily rewards misses in the last three days. Make something......
  7. michele2369

    Rain in night stages

    Hi, i think that the rain effect in the night stages is terribile and makes driving very difficult; it seems to have a cobweb in front of it!! Please redi e the effect!
  8. michele2369

    Dirt cars

    Hi, i think that the cars, after a stage without service, should remain dirty, instead clean like actually.
  9. michele2369

    Daily rewards

    Hi, today i was playing around 12 o'clock... Magically my credit for the yesterday's daily events are not arrived...i tried to restart game and the ps4, without results. Do you know the reason? 🤔🤔 🤔
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    DiRT Rally 2.0 Road Book - 20/03/19

    The leagues/clubs, where are????????
  11. Sanremo 80 years: tarmac and gravel