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  1. Need only better AA filter and nothing else for top quality graphics.
  2. Reyfoxf1

    F1 2019 wideo

    How many gpu for this result? 2x 2080ti?
  3. Reyfoxf1

    F1 Beta

    from what you wrote to me many things are explained.
  4. Reyfoxf1

    F1 Beta

    Sorry but you can say me why codies selected who never play a f1 game? Is a beta TEST or a joke? I think is a joke for now.
  5. I only hope this year codemaster add keyboard support on xbox for button box.
  6. P.s. 2 of my friend got beta and they never play a f1 games
  7. It's fun to read user selected for 3 time in a row and user like me and many other is not selected for 3 time in a row. But is ok!
  8. Hi killu it's your name on steam
  9. Reyfoxf1


    I not have hori wheel but try connect only hori and remove gamepad
  10. Signed hope to take part of beta this year.