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  1. I agree with SereneLogic. I was also thinking if it's possible to implement spectator modes for rallies as well (if the rallies were staged just like in Dirt 3 for example then that would be perfect!). I believe that having spectator modes, and some kind of "order" for the leagues would really be interesting. If there was a mode where given an order A, B, C , D - they start the stage in that order and everyone could follow their progress real-time (e.g. on the website). For now, it feels like I just join a club, jump in, do the stages, later check the results online and that's it (obviously I still enjoy that!). I understand that it's maybe too much work for DR 2.0 and maybe it's for later games, but I just wanted to say that implementing something similar to real-world rallies would be interesting for some people as well.
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