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  1. How are they and how so they compare to earlier F1 and other racing games in terms of reality? Is F1 2021 worth the "£70" they are charging for it?
  2. just wish codies would get rid of that annoying tyre squeal, even when it is not really needed and do something with the handling. Not played in months due to the iffy handling
  3. why March 24th for release, is there a significance to this? Seems a long time to wait for DLC
  4. speaking of liveries, are we going to get any classic ones for cars such as the Lancia Delta Integrale (Martini) and other cars? Also will there be more content drops or is that it for DR 2.0
  5. same with you? just asking a question.
  6. is this car were getting not the same as the already incar Subaru 1995 version?
  7. Full game from launch, with proper full on dlc, not being drip fed the full game like DR 2.0.
  8. The flat out pack is the true dlc for this game along with 2019 RX content. The rest is remastered and should have been in game from launch.
  9. WOW, impressed all we need now is a full on BTCC pack for grid including 95 season cars
  10. i have found using external ssd makes wrc 8 a lot smoother.
  11. there are differences between cars. The fact is that's how they sound in real life, once compared to real life videos. It's like saying all touring cars sound the same, or all supercar v8 sound the same when in fact there are subltle differences between manufacturers.
  12. what ever, you have wrc 7 you say, that game was the worst in the whole series. WRC 8 is a massive improvement, something that wrc 7 should have been. The handling in 7 along with controls were terrible, i mean terrible.
  13. the audio is pretty decent, i listen through 7.1 home theatre system and it is loud, the cars sound like they should imo, but this is official wrc title and DR 2.0 is a side championship to support WRC, thats how i look at it.
  14. xbox one x, really smooth considering it is 30fps, quite impressed
  15. it just feels right, great handling, great FFB, in ya face action, it's fast... it's realistic, oh the graphics are decent to. DR 2.0 feels dry, slow and tedious? been playing WRC 8 more than DR far more rewarding in every sense. Although i do enjoy a blast on DR 2.0 i find WRC 8 is more thrilling.
  16. should have historic classics like Martini for Lancia
  17. agreed, but i am swaying more to WRC 8 as i feel it's alot more in depth and intuitive. Going back to DR 2.0 does not feel strange, neither does going back to WRC 8.
  18. it is addictive, had a quick go on training earlier. ignore what Jake says he's a bit of a troll
  19. same for xbox, patch this week i believe
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