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  1. Didn't notice the frame rate, too busy playing the game and replays are decent also, Jake just try it, the game is good you will be pleasantly surprised. I was and I hated wrc 7 due to the crappy handling and framerate.
  2. WRC 8 is totally different in handling
  3. It's actually a really immersive experience, I too was worried about the handling but once I started playing and tweaked the wheel settings the game is really good. All cars handle great and there is no input lag or issues graphically on Xbox one x. Go and get it, you will be pleasantly surprised. A huge improvement over wrc 7 and other past iterations.
  4. played today, not bad. Alot better than i thought it would be and handles pretty well with the wheel. A different game when you want a break from DR 2.0, as it's own challenges and the practice section is immersive, couldn't get off it. Played DR 2.0 after and found the wheel to be more intuitive, but when playing WRC 8 it does feel ok with lots of settings for the wheel and other parts of the game. Give it a try i don't think you'll be disappointed. Although WRC 7 was terrible with the wheel, a huge leap coming to WRC 8. https://www.gamingboulevard.com/2019/0
  5. whats wrong with epic games?
  6. right hand wiper blade under windscreen livery.
  7. i'm still tempted by this, but what bothers me is the handling with a wheel. WRC 7 was terrible with wheel and i could not get used to it no matter how hard i tried. WRC 8 is supposed to be 70% i think, rebuilt in the handling department. I did watch a evolution of WRC games up until WRC 8 from chase cam, WRC 7 looks like it's on choppy waters like driving through a rough sea, the back end was bouncing all over the place, hence the dodgy handling with the wheel. WRC 8 looks more planted but there has been no mention of FFB setup and DOR differences. 30 FPS is another minus, b
  8. When will season 3 & 4 appear on Ms store, considering there is just over a week until release
  9. What's so special bout dirtfish
  10. Why has Bigben still got the wrc laslicence? My suspicion is that they have a ten game deal, if so lets hope codemasters gets it on next signing.
  11. more force feedback options for individual effects. the ability to change transmission type in service area rather than going into sub menus. transmission detail of current car in service area. visual DOR with actual angles eg: 540 degrees on a slider in the wheel menu. Data out for console users so i can use my phone as a dash.
  12. what? your seeing things, looks fine
  13. this game will be supported for at least another year, new and old content on the way.
  14. any screenshots of the fixed rain effects?
  15. Soon as in next week, two weeks
  16. why on Discord and not on the OFFICIAL forums
  17. if playing with wheel, it's going to be hard to judge exactly how this feels as it is broken with no update on a fix or timescale.
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