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  1. watzcoc

    FINALLY, GRID 2019!

    Lets hope we get more classic touring cars and tracks this time
  2. watzcoc

    Season 1 Germany

    Content is in XB store but asks for payment, are Codemasters aware of this?
  3. i take it RX in DR2 is based on 2018 season, we we get them all? 2018 World RX Calendar* Spain – Barcelona – 14/15 April Portugal – Montalegre – 28/29 April Belgium – Mettet – 12/13 May Great Britain – Silverstone – 26/27 May Norway – Hell – 9/10 June Sweden – Holjes – 30 June/1 July Canada – Trois-Rivieres – 4/5 August France – Loheac – 1/2 September Latvia – Riga – 15/16 September USA – COTA – 29/30 September Germany – Estering – 13/14 October South Africa – Cape Town – 24/25 November Rally Cross Track Locations – Dirt Rally 2.0 Mettet – Belgium (Smooth Asphalt, Dirt) Trois Rivieres – Canada (Smoot Asphalt, Gravel) Silverstone – England (Dirt, Smoot Asphalt) Loheac Bretagne – France (Rough Asphalt, Smooth Asphalt, Dirt) Hell – Norway (Asphalt, Dirt, Gravel) Montalegre – Portugal (Asphalt, Dirt) Circuit De Barcelona-Catalunya – Spain (Asphalt, Dirt) Holjes – Sweden (Asphalt, Dirt, Gravel)
  4. It be good if Christina or someone from Codemasters could at least confirm at least another season, then at least we know.
  5. watzcoc

    FFB fixed? No, we need VIBRATIONS!!

    FFB is fine now, just needs tweaking from Codies end.
  6. watzcoc

    Season 2 Info, will there be a season 3

    more RX especially Brands.
  7. Season 2 info is here at last, what i would like to now know is will there be a season 3?
  8. watzcoc

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    title changed
  9. watzcoc

    New ffb impressions

    try it on RX, wow really impressed, been on for last few hours trying the daily events, manual with clutch is decent, i also find i am alot faster than with the pad. Just need to buy the Thrustmaster handbrake to go with my TX wheel.
  10. watzcoc

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    been playing DR 2 with a pad over the last few months, FFB and got wheel out. WOW !!!!! what a difference, just had a blast on RX effing awsome, really happy now, complaining stopped. Just hope Codies will now fix/tweak other issues like rain effects at night with the ability to have an option to change transmission automatically to cater for those who want a better experience.
  11. watzcoc

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    FFB update a huge improvement, but needs a little more feel from vibration effects, possibly through Suspension slider. The Tyre Slip and Engine sliders are still greyed out and cannot be changed, any reason why this is, can you guys free this so we can adjust ourselves. Using Thrustmaster TX XB1
  12. watzcoc

    FFB patch 1.4.1 Here it is!

    it's not out yet , just tried xb
  13. watzcoc

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    A feeling, i was right
  14. watzcoc

    ffb fixed, some comms from devs

    Hopefully we will have ffb patch tomorrow😉
  15. watzcoc


    i think it is due to F1 2019 being brought forward. Dirt Rally 2 was probably originally scheduled for June, F1 for Sept, but got shifted around and messed the whole thing up. I bet F1 2019 has not got half the issues DR 2 has/had.