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  1. watzcoc

    Patch Notes

    Why are you?
  2. watzcoc

    Patch Notes

    I dnt think codies hav listened to community
  3. i thought they listened to the feedback since launch? so why no visuals fix, why no FFB fix (still being worked on even though it looks like it is as intended), why 10g patch, this is huge with no or little improvements, patch notes very disappointing. If they had listened then these items would be the first on list.
  4. watzcoc

    How to get refund

    Well said, last few posts, people with sense and understanding. Was really looking forward to DR2 and saddened at the state it is released. Codemasters need to understand that we are paying customers and have consumer rights. Perhaps a demo should be released for all games before release.
  5. watzcoc

    How to get refund

    it's amazing how people in here are blind to what's been going on, and happy they're being ripped off with a game that is not even finished. Pathetic !
  6. watzcoc

    How to get refund

    if you have XB1 version microsoft will refund if you provide screenshots of issues with game from the forum, preferably from a dev. It's best done via online chat as they will provide a link to upload screenshots directly to them. I have had my game refunded, going to wait for WRC 8, but got WRC 7 for £18.00, bargain considering the state DR 2 is in.
  7. Dirt Rally 1 had alot of issues just like DR2.0 on release. Don't Codemasters learn from past mistakes?
  8. At 24.99 for xb, 21.99 for ps4 the deluxe content is expensive. I truly think they should reduced this by half to compensate those who want to further DR 2.0
  9. as topic, is there any news or response regards patch for : FFB Headlights not showing in daytime when you turn on for dark patch on track Blurred graphics along with all the other issues?
  10. it's national woman's day, no wonder it's such a mess https://twitter.com/search?q=codemasters&src=typd
  11. The main point of deluxe is the content thats coming, not sure if it is worth getting deluxe add on or not.
  12. http://blog.codemasters.com/dirt/06/dirt-rally-force-feedback-update/
  13. yeah, good news. An idea when this is expected, next week, next month would be helpful?
  14. why should we help CM to figure out the problems with their game, they built it, tested it and released it. They should recall and delete it and start again.
  15. watzcoc

    Absolutely unplayable

    are you serious? i really hope so as this game is a real mess. I have again gone to microsoft for a refund who keep refusing to do so. I have had to quote consumer rights law to them as the game is not in a state fit for release.