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  1. when is this coming? Had to shelve the game until handling and FFB is fixed.
  2. watzcoc

    WRC 8 vs DiRT Rally 2.0

    it just feels right, great handling, great FFB, in ya face action, it's fast... it's realistic, oh the graphics are decent to. DR 2.0 feels dry, slow and tedious? been playing WRC 8 more than DR far more rewarding in every sense. Although i do enjoy a blast on DR 2.0 i find WRC 8 is more thrilling.
  3. watzcoc

    Force Feedback & handling fix

    FFB on Grid Autosport which is Xbox360, has better feeling with TX wheel than on new Grid which feels really loose and lame. No rumble, no sense of contact. very weak.. same when DR 2.0 came out until a fix came.
  4. watzcoc

    WRC 8 vs DiRT Rally 2.0

    there are differences between cars. The fact is that's how they sound in real life, once compared to real life videos. It's like saying all touring cars sound the same, or all supercar v8 sound the same when in fact there are subltle differences between manufacturers.
  5. ---------- Mod Edit ---------- ---------- Original Post ---------- again, every time, you can purchase but Deluxe owners have to wait? This is becoming tiresome and pathetic. Why do we have to wait for content pre paid yet those who want to buy it can get it now?
  6. watzcoc

    WRC 8 vs DiRT Rally 2.0

    what ever, you have wrc 7 you say, that game was the worst in the whole series. WRC 8 is a massive improvement, something that wrc 7 should have been. The handling in 7 along with controls were terrible, i mean terrible.
  7. watzcoc

    WRC 8 vs DiRT Rally 2.0

    the audio is pretty decent, i listen through 7.1 home theatre system and it is loud, the cars sound like they should imo, but this is official wrc title and DR 2.0 is a side championship to support WRC, thats how i look at it.
  8. watzcoc

    WRC 8 vs DiRT Rally 2.0

    xbox one x, really smooth considering it is 30fps, quite impressed
  9. watzcoc

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    i feel as though i have wasted £60 on a game that does not support proper FFB, race length too short, handling is iffy, seems to me that all assists are not turned off as the handling does not feel right.
  10. watzcoc

    Hidden handling effects

    i have noticed with touring cars, the handling is fine upto a point where you can feel a "stability" type effect kick in as though it is trying to keep you from spinning out. This needs the option to disable it as it is beyond what arcade racers are. Sega was never this bad. Way too much help with car handling.
  11. watzcoc

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    No FFB fix, put game away until it is patched.
  12. pathetic, cant they do anything right. Bet Grid DLC has no issues
  13. watzcoc

    DiRTy Gossip

    should have historic classics like Martini for Lancia
  14. watzcoc


    Agreed, autosport has more feedback
  15. watzcoc

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    force feedback is light, needs ramping up
  16. watzcoc

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    FFB reminds me of how DR 2.0 was on release, no attention paid to FFB, AGAIN..... It's way too light even GRID 2014 has better weight and effects playing on XB1 via backwards compatibility
  17. watzcoc

    Fantastic Audio

    yeah if your deaf, sounds are way too quiet, need beefing up a little.
  18. how is it and does it work as expected?
  19. watzcoc

    Upcoming dash cam?

    why not give us the option to move the camera closer ourselves to get close to this view type? The only problem with this view is there is no way of keeping an eye on speed or gear choice unless we have osd turned on. We could do with data output so we can use dashboard feature on smart phone.
  20. watzcoc

    Upcoming dash cam?

    I think the new view is a little too intense as it feels like your nearly sat on the dashboard, not very realistic at all. We need the option to move in and out as well as up and down.
  21. watzcoc

    DiRTy Gossip about WRC8

    agreed, but i am swaying more to WRC 8 as i feel it's alot more in depth and intuitive. Going back to DR 2.0 does not feel strange, neither does going back to WRC 8.
  22. watzcoc

    analog handbrake

    When is 1.9 out
  23. watzcoc

    A new TOCA game?

    we have touring cars in the new Grid along with 90's cars. Hope we get the Vectra and/or cavalier