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  1. We don't use the FIA points scoring system for Rally. The points start at 30 for 1st place, then down in steps of 3 to 18, then steps of 2 down to 6, then single steps until 0. This allows a Rally event to sit alongside a Rallycross event in Custom or other mixed discipline championships. We use the FIA scoring for Rallycross events, which go up to 30. (16 in the Qualifiers, 6 in the Semi-Final, and a maximum of 8 from a Final)
  2. The current Time Trial we're playing in the office is on Germany in the Evo VI. Personally, I think it's one of the finest cars to take onto that course 🙂
  3. Didn't work :(   You gave it your best though *pats on back*. 
  4. Argentina is hard as nails (although I'm not an excellent driver, I mostly drive to crash in order to test vfx ;D ) Can confirm, Argentina is full of pain and suffering.
  5. You guys are great. So many theories and patterns...
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