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    AI vs. Human Car Strength

    it's not a bug, it's been there since a long time (at least f1 2015), in fact ai is superior to player in every categories, aero, drag, ers, fuel, tyres management, grip, downforce, damage, the only "negative" aspect they have is they can have random failure when player can't

    Has any one noticed a1 never use there ers

    before patch 1.05 you could see how AI managed their ERS, but as we saw AI use INFINITE amout of energy and always use mode 4, and since they're incapable of fixing it they just disabled AI ERS bar, and mimic the one of your car to avoid people complaining about this.

    Ai ERS

    They just hide their ERS bar to avoid people complaining about AI using mode 4 ALL THE TIME without running out of battery.

    DLC. Classic tracks.

    they could even add barcelona and probably mexico as they won't be in the game next year also they could add malaysia

    New classic cars

    that... doesn't work like that sorry, if it was the case tyrrell cars would be in many racing games, the problem is there's none.

    New classic cars

    lotus still exist as a car brand, brawn is mercedes. that's why i included ligier, no longer exist as a f1 team but they still make cars.

    New classic cars

    on the list, only both mclaren the williams and probably the ligier are possible because every other cars/teams no longer exist and can't be in a game.

    Suzuka last corner Bump

    yeah i started playing f1 game in 2009 but yeah f1 2017 is my first game . by the way just played f1 2016 and f1 2015, strangely the bump wasn't there just to let you know, the track have been remodelled in f1 2017, just compare the S section of f1 2016 and 2017, it's completely different, codemasters remodelled the track, along with some other track.

    Suzuka last corner Bump

    it's there since f1 2017...

    best ERS & fuel technique??

    what i do is I disable ers 200-300meters before slow-mid speed corners, disable it in high-speed/flatout corners, basically when you're alone just use medium low and high only on acceleration, and when you're battling use high or hotlap, i barely use overtake (or only in a special situation) because it drain the battery very very fast
  11. DX12 still crash with GTX 1070.

    Orange sausage kerbs

    A simple question : why they're all flat ? In all tracks who got massive orange sausage kerbs (CotA, Canada, Mexico, Monza, and moslty Sochi) to prevent corner cutting in real life, in the game they're ALL flat (or just ineffective because too small) just a orange marking where the kerbs should be. But why ? The worst part is in Canada, CotA and Monza before F1 2017 they weren't flat AT ALL. You know that adding massive bump kerbs instead of orange marking would prevent corner cutting Codemasters ? Moslty at Sochi and CotA were corner cutting is always present in multiplayers sessions ? And since your penalty system is sometimes completely random, it can only help. The only tracks who got orange sausage present is Abu Dhabi but again, they're not as big as real life. And in fact it work prettly well in multiplayer, witnessing multiple spin from other people when running on it. Same happen in the last chicane of Catalunya.

    Rear wing LED lights missing?

    they're not on top of the rear wing, they're at both side, and they are in the game, but not very visible.

    FPS issues and DIrectX modes

    DX12 doesn't even work with me, the game keep crashing when loading the main menu, the "ego dumper" page show up saying my game crashed... got a gtx 1070 and windows 10

    Pre Load

    so the game is only 24.5go ? strange, they recommand 80go of space on steam

    2019 Car performances are not realistic

    and their "day-one" patch will take 2 months to arrive like in 2017 and 2018.

    Career images

    (Just a supposition) they might have done it, already made up some image but they probably run out of time finishing it, and since their ego engine is buggy as hell, got a lot of problems including it in the career mode, (or whatever mode) and just prefered to keep it for the next f1 game (since people LIKE to complain at everything, they prefered to not include buggy stuff and keep it for f1 2020). Just look at cars modelling, like half the cars of the grid weren't even finished 2 weeks before the release... and those render looks too real to be made up by a random guy on the internet... so yeah i won't be surprised if "open career" will be the « BIG FEATURE » of f1 2020...

    Worst pre release ever!

    The game is finished. Just saying. Only things they will do before the release is fixing bugs.

    Petition for HUD customization for consoles

    I think you should wait more details, how it works and what they mean by "cutomizable HUD" If they did that there must be a real reason, just like graphics settings only on PC.

    2019 TRAILER body shape is all the same

    as all people said, it's just spec car with teams skin on it. Plus, Renault, Toro Rosso, Williams and Haas have their final and real model, can't you see that ? or you just like to complain ?

    F1 2019 Images

    it's most likely to be the generic chassis with customisable liveries.

    F1 2019 wishlist

    12: better driver customisation. Like being able to chose our gloves color, being albe to chose our own led display on the steering wheel, can put or not our racing number on our helmet and bring back helmet design made by the community like in 2017 13: Red flag 14: inverted grid order in the pitlane to avoid being blocked by backmarkers when stopping 15: Mechanical failure for player