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  1. 1 minute ago, BarryBL said:

    Hi @BarcaMascot, I have the same wheel as you, so some tips.

    • What are your in-game sensitivity settings?
    • Latest firmware? May need a PC for this.
    • Do you have a controller running at the same time?
    • Do you have a keyboard running at the same time?

    - Where do I check my sensitivity settings, soon as I find it I'll let you know 
    - Wheels latest firmware is 3.20.2
    - No controllers or keyboards are running at the same time. 

    • A detailed description of the issue:  Whenever I am in a racing session, whether it be Career Mode, Online, GP Mode, Time Trial etc, my FFB on my wheel will either cut out at random times and leave me in a bad situation. give me input delay where on my end I've turned my wheel and downshifted ready for the corner, but in the game nothing has happened until about 2 seconds later, ruining my laps. Or I get keyboard inputs where my wheel matches the turn in of a keyboard user. 
    • Report Code: KTKT-CCMR-THRT-GAEG
    • Platform: Xbox One S 
    • Game-mode: All of them 
    • [ONLINE] The amount of players in your session? If you know the players forum username, please tag as many people who were in your session here:  Ranging anywhere from a full lobby of 22 with 2 spectators and 20 racers, to a small lobby of about 7-11 people
    • [ONLINE] Were you the host?:  I was not
    • [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the make and model of motherboard.:  N/A 
    • What troubleshooting have you tried? Please list everything you tried.:
      - Restarting my Xbox (Did not work)
      - Unplugging my wheel from the Xbox (Did not work)
      - Unplugging my wheel from the mains (Did not work)
      - Updating my wheels firmware (Did not work)
      - Closing the game down and restarting it (Did not work)
      - Left the Online Lobby I was in and joined back (Did not work)
    • Any screenshots or video of the issue? Remember to add as unlisted if video via a third party. 
      https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/sv5scuderia/video/145823884 -  FFB cutting out, as you can see, my wheel just suddenly has no resistance in it
      https://clips.twitch.tv/TastyScrumptiousGarageArsonNoSexy-Ofwu4szH7t7Ma8Q9 - Input Delay, my steering goes glitchy into T1 losing the lap
      https://clips.twitch.tv/SavoryFreezingKaleFeelsBadMan-fgntTxPEV-Yu7uMC - Keyboard inputs

      Footage from other racers of these incidents happening in other lobbies:
      https://twitter.com/DPlakkie/status/1440048525992095753?s=20 - Keyboard inputs on a much worse scale 
      https://twitter.com/DPlakkie/status/1435324168040558603?s=20 - More Keyboard inputs 
      https://twitter.com/DPlakkie/status/1427201124189233154?s=20 - More Keyboard inputs 

    • How do you make the problem happen? Please add a step-by-step guide here so we can replicate and get reported as quick as possible:
      - Load up the F1 Game, using a wheel
      - Load into any session, can be Online, Career, Time Trial any one at all
      - Drive around until the FFB on the wheel either cuts out completely or your steering becomes janky like in the clips shown
  2. 5 hours ago, 1512marcel said:

    Not entirely true. I have checked your posts and they are all in the chat section. With the workload we have it's impossible to checkout this section too and move posts to the correct section. Furthermore, you don't follow our structure and haven't posted a single issue report regarding FFB in the issue section besides the one about the radio issue which apparently was fixed by you without any further follow up. It's impossible to do some proper troubleshooting without proper input from your end.

    I update my wheel and check the firmware before every race I do. It never fixes the issues. I'll do another bug report right now 

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  3. 1 hour ago, Ultra3142 said:

    I've just had a quick look at your posts and you don't appear to have posted about your FFB issue in the bug section. That would be the place to start...

    Every time I post it, It either gets buried under other stuff and doesnt get passed on or it just gets deleted despite following there structure 

  4. 4 hours ago, svensenk86 said:

    And we still cannot confirm your issues,also using TM on ps5 🙄 i recommend you starting a game with the pad

    I'm not changing what I use to drive because they're to lazy to fix issues that were reported in the beta forums

  5. Last made a post about this issue a month ago and still haven't had an update or news from anyone inside Codemasters. Its been in the game since beta and the issues still havent been fixed its a joke now. 
    - FFB dropouts randomly in TT, MyTeam, GP and Online sessions
    - Keyboard inputs in Online sessions randomly appearing 
    - Gear shift paddles not correlating properly with the game 
    All of this on Thrustmaster wheels. Starting to get a tad impatient

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  6. After the latest patch the kerbs in S1 Japan are strangely off. One single tap on them and it spins the car, to hit the apex of some of these corners we need to be close if not just tapping the kerb and we cant if the kerbs autospin the car. Would the leaderboards be reset because of this or will it just stay the same ?  If you dont touch the kerbs you're losing anywhere from 2-6 tenths on your PB lap

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  7. When will the AI's downforce levels be fixed ?  Its making MyTeam completely unplayable and pointless because you get mugged off in every high speed corner and dirty air just doesnt exist for them. I'm having to run wet setups in dry conditions just to be competitive or even have a chance in the race  

    • When in a MyTeam session, my Radio option display got stuck open and wouldn't close after I had selected an input 
    • Report Code: XEVJ-PMMD-ESJT-GSEG
    • Platform: Xbox One S 
    • Game-mode: MyTeam 
    • What troubleshooting have you tried:  - Pausing the game (Didn't work)
                                                             - Pressing the Xbox home button on my wheel base (Did fix the issue) 
    • Any screenshots or video of the issue?:   https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/sv5scuderia/video/145236110 
    • How do you make the problem happen?: - Load up a MyTeam Free Practice session
                                                                 - Go out on track (In this case Silverstone as this is where this issue occurred)
      - After completing a practice programme or any laps, select "Box this lap" on the radio option menu 
                                                                 - See if issue has occurred again or if it was just a small hiccup 
  8. Any news on the FFB issues for Thrustmaster wheels on old gen consoles ?  I've been asking on the games Twitter and haven't had any answers. Its been affecting me for a while and was wondering when any news or slight fixes to the problem would come about. Feedback is greatly appreciated from any admins 👍

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  9. 6 minutes ago, Monzie83 said:

    Ah, interesting. Are you on XB1, series X/S? Seems like there are issues across the board then - hopefully they get sorted soon. 

    I’d be keen to know more about the random frame rate drops you mention - is it laggy graphics during gameplay, or is there screen tearing also? Does it happen consistently when MFD is open, a number of cars are in the pits or bunched up? My gameplay graphics on PS4 Slim get funny in the above scenarios.

    I'm on a Xbox One S so its even worse, the frame drop was just random and idk what causes it

  10. In one MyTeam race the following has just happened:
    - MFD not displaying any damage and being unable to switch between yes and no for a wing change
    - My FFB cutting out twice
    - My wheel being locked to a hard right
    - A sponsor not pay out the bonus properly
    - Game saying I have an engine issue and the subtitles proceed to get stuck on my screen, meaning I can't use my engineer and can only be fixed by using a flashback
    - Random frame rate drops 

    I'm leaving the link to the Twitter thread were I clipped what I could of these issues here: https://twitter.com/BarcaMascot/status/1431347170603589636?s=20

  11. 1 minute ago, Vince7099 said:

    The same thing will happen though, this thread will be ignored and slowly drown into page 2 and we will repeat it same time next week. I just don’t understand their thinking to completely ignore people and then wipe out leagues that literally benefit their game.

    Or it will get deleted completely 

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