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  1. Doing a MyTeam session at Japan currently. The Race Strategy Programme delta says I am 5-8 tenths (varies by lap) down just through the first sector alone, My car has unbelievable amounts of understeer and I'm running 11-6 wings (previously 10-5) to try and get better turn in for the S section but the car still understeers and I lose a lot of time. Yet the AI seem to fly through this section of track easily with no issues. Is this because of how I've developed my car, my setup or the AI having OP downforce levels at high speed corners like Zandvoort, Japan and USA etc etc ? Any feedback is app
  2. Kerbs at the 2nd chicane just after the S1/S2 Split, they launch the car into orbit
  3. Firstly I would like to state this only my opinion and that many people may disagree with me which is completely fine. But reading forum posts, Tweets and watching glitches unfold every session I do, F1 2021 has been absolutely woeful so far in the games lifecycle. Now don't get me wrong some positives have been made like graphics for example, they are a major step up from last year and make the game look refreshed, Yet these positives are massively overshadowed by how bad the bugs and glitches have been so far. Some of these bugs include: - Cars loading into completely different tracks tha
  4. I'm not even surprised a this point. The bugs we reported on the beta still havent been fixed or addressed in a major way for months
  5. This issue I sent to bug reporting nearly a week ago and had no reply so I was wondering if anyone knows off any quick fixes to this issue. I load into the game and I have no music in the meus, I load into a MyTeam session and have no practice intro music, quali intro music or race day intro music. The same issue persists in GP sessions also. However, in Online lobbies, the music is there and working perfectly fine. I'm on a Xbox One S and my audio settings are all on. Any help is greatly appreciated 👍
  6. Done that many times, its all on. I'm not that daft
  7. Loading up F1 2021 and I have no menu music when sitting in the main menus, no intro music for qualifying and no intro music for race day either MXPV-RMGR-EMAR-GTEG Xbox One MyTeam Troubleshooting I have tried is; - Restarting the game - Restarting my Xbox - Changing gamemodes to see if that triggers the music Evidence: No music in the menus: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/sv5scuderia/video/141811707 No intro music for qualifying: https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/sv5scuderia/video/141811807 No intro music for the race: https://ga
  8. I tried this on my laptop and it said my WinZip Trial had expired ?? Even though I've never used WinZip
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