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  1. KingPanda19

    After 1.07 patch the SAFETY CAR is gone

    SC/VSC is random Some users get a lot of it and some just doesn't get one. It's an issue but no one knows why it's random
  2. KingPanda19

    Safety car bug solved ?!

    ok so I tried it and nope didn't give me SC/VSC even with 2 incidents where SC/VSC sohould have been deploeysed
  3. KingPanda19

    Safety car bug solved ?!

    This seems interesting, I might give this a go lol. I mean nothing wrong in trying it out. I will also give an update if I see a SC or VSC
  4. Ok, so after 2 races in S4 it seemed to have work properly again. It is showing all the teams again.
  5. EDIT: Maybe another reason for this could be that I changed my team name for S4
  6. After starting the new season, I was customizing my car and after that I went to the Driver Market tab and the game crashed. I have just started s4 when the game crashed. I haven't done a race at that time. Regarding the previous season results I can see driver names, the positions they finished in the 22 races and the their points tally. The only thing I couldn't see was the team names. After doing the first race of the season the season results for S4 is now working correctly, however the previous season results are showing the wrong team names as seen by the image attached.
  7. Will this be useful? I honestly have no idea how I'm going to replicate that crash_dump#672392-20200805-121144-0.zip
  8. 1. Started a new season and I was doing some customisation to my car and the game decided to crash. Then I restarted the game and saw that the S4 standing sheets isn't showing anything any more. I checked previous seasons and it isn't showing the teams in the standings any more, just the driver names. 2. 1.06 3. PC 4. N/A 5. First time this happened 6. No 7. Wheel and Pad
  9. KingPanda19

    never got any VSC or SC

    Safety Car is so inconsistent. Some people get a lot of SC/VSC and some don't. I'm 3 seasons in my team and only had 3 - 4 SCs
  10. I think it messes up your save file when the game crashes/closes during an interview.
  11. KingPanda19

    Myteam won’t load

    This happened to me as well. I feel like that the save gets corrupted somehow, but I really hope they can fix it
  12. This is the same issues I have like the others here. Sad cos I now have to restart career
  13. KingPanda19

    My Team crashes when I load in

    My team save is probably corrupted then. Amazing
  14. - When I load into my team the game crashes after it says please wait - PC - 1.03 - My Team - Every time I try to open my save the game crashes - none - T300RS and ps4 controller
  15. KingPanda19

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    looking forward to the beta.