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  1. osdafrich

    DiRTy Gossip

    Gossip Worthy? https://www.facebook.com/VikingMotorsport/photos/a.418627791644608.1073741834.175944589246264/1073903106117070/?type=3&theater
  2. osdafrich

    DiRTy Gossip

    Zero as in 2000's? If thats the case then even more evidence for the lancer and focus
  3. osdafrich

    DiRT Rally feedback list

    That's called realism ;) Meh, I've been in a real rally car and it isnt even close. Might be my computer sound then. I hear him fine. In a real rally car your intercom allows you to hear him and you can turn that mic up or down as you like. If the intercom wasn't working you'd definately have a hard time hearing your codriver through your helmet over the engine, transmission whine and stones rattling the underneeth of the car on gravel, he'd really have to shout... but hey this is just a game. If it was a proper, true sim, we;d have a seperate audio line out for the codriver that we could listen to through our headphones while blasted by the other ingame sounds from speakers, :D That is a feature i never thought i would want but now i need it!!
  4. osdafrich

    Guess the corner.

    Barcelona turn 8?
  5. osdafrich

    Guess the corner.

    @alonsofan46‌ your the first to list them but if you want to give it to prawn......
  6. osdafrich

    Guess the corner.

    @RevolvingPrawn‌ still not quite. Others have had that corner correct
  7. osdafrich

    Guess the corner.

    @RevolvingPrawn‌ your the closest but not quite
  8. osdafrich

    Guess the corner.

  9. osdafrich

    Guess the corner.

    Silverstone - Vale/Club Oulton Park - Druids Corner
  10. osdafrich

    DiRTy Gossip

    And the Yorkie bar from the vending machine?
  11. osdafrich

    Already worn tires, F1 2013 pc

    If you qualify for the race in the top 10 you have to start with the tyres you set your fastest time on. This is true to the actual F1 regulations. Your problem is only a problem if your starting on used tires outside the top 10.
  12. osdafrich

    What do you want in F1 2014? GAME IDEAS

    I think a lot of the features from the old Grand Prix 4 game would make it a lot more interesting and realistic. Here are some I rememberIf you crashed, a marshal would come from the side and push you away from the track. This even happened with AI. Yes, AI had accidents and not just at the first corner. It could take a few laps to clear the cars and you saw a marshal pushing it away. You could select any % race distance, this would allow someone to slowly increase the distances getting used to longer races.There was a TV style live feed so when you were in the pits you could watch to see what everyone was doing on track. This even happened in races. I remember retiring from the race on the first lap but put it in TV mode and watched the rest of the race. You didn't have to watch the race you could just fully retire and it would show you the full results.If you wanted to pit, you had to ask to come in or if you just drove in without asking you would be sitting in the box for about 20s while they went to get the tires and the equipment.This is only some features i remember but if a game from 2002 could do this then surely a 2014 game could?