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  1. CriffixX

    Long Loading Screen [FIXED]

    Hello everyone Thank you for all your comments. Special thanks to NamorNismo with the fix. I have not checked on this post in a while and found out a fix by myself today. I come back and read NamorNismos message and his fix is pretty similar to mine, but mine will load a little bit faster. I made some "loading-tests" and compared my fix with the one from NamorNismo and here are the results: -measured from clicking on "select" (car) to the beep-sound after loading- Location: Monaro (Australia) Stage: Mount Kaye Pass (Daytime/Cloear/Dry Surface) Normal loading time: 45 seconds Change CPU priority on max: 16 seconds (!) Change CPU priority on max and disable "CPU 0": 12 seconds (!!!) Disable "CPU 0", standard CPU priority: 12 seconds (!!!) All default programs are running on "CPU 0". Disabling it lets the game focus on the other CPUs and they will not get limited by CPU. Unfortunately you have to do this manually every time you open the game. Cheers everyone, Criffix
  2. CriffixX

    Long Loading Screen [FIXED]

    Thanks for your message. I did a PC reset yesterday an wiped all my SSDs and HDD. Reinstalled Dirt Rally 2.0 and the loading screen still takes forever. 😞
  3. CriffixX

    Long Loading Screen [FIXED]

    Hello everyone I played a lot of Dirt Rally 2.0 in the past few days and been enjoying it a lot. But one thing that really really bugs me is the fact that I get very long loading screens. I googled that problem and I didn't really find anything. So i thought maybe I'm just impatient. But then I looked up some gameplay videos on YouTube and people get loading screens of about 15-20 seconds, while it normally takes more than a minute for me. Even a friend who plays on xbox told me that he has quick loading times. I changed some ingame graphics settings, changed resolution and even audio settings, but nothing seems to be the trigger for the loading times, even though the stage loaded in about 40 seconds on 720p with everything on low (still a lot longer than it should be). My PC should also not be the problem for that. I'm playing on a i7 6700k, GTX 1080 FE, 24 GB RAM (3x8 GB DDR4-2400). Game is installed on a M.2 Samsung SSD 950 Pro, 512 GB (2500 MB/s read, 1500 MB/s write). I tried relocating the gamefiles to my slower Samsung SSD 840 Basic (540 MB/s read, 250 MB/s write) but the loading times were about the same. Here is a video: First loading screen is 1min 15sec. Second loading screen is 1min 30sec. Anyone knows how to fix this problem? Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Criffix