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  1. New patch fixed my "cheating" bug, so far i can play multiplayer without any errors.
  2. Dear Codemasters. Writing here after my game crashes constantly with DX 12 and DX 11 not working in multiplayer(i have both issues) F1 2019 got a 1.08 patch couple of days ago, which was an livery update. On Wednesday evening, when i was running game with DX 11, after joining multiplayer, game gave me an error which is known as a famous "you have been kicked for cheating" issue. I havent EVER USED any assisting or cheating programs in F1 games and dont run any mods. And with DX 12 i couldnt even play the game with it crashing in every 20minutes or so. I have tried everything from verifying game cache to reinstalling the game, i have even turned steam overlay off and done an router restart, but those havent fixed my game. What i want to know here is if you have any more solutions to my problem, because its kinda sad for F1 to have that bug and not letting their players play an official F1 game. Was it your first time trying Multiplayer? No, but i have done some online races and league racing Which platform you are on: Steam/PC Your relevant Steam ID/PSN ID/Gamertag so we can check further. https://steamcommunity.com/id/zadeb/ If you're on Steam, can you let us know what version of Windows you are on: Windows 10 64-bit