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  1. EdwardoAndretti

    League Incidents Review

    So the game does show the info you want.Either you need a steward to watch the race and log the required info or the commentator,or whoever,needs to access the info in the race director and save a clip with that info to be reviewed later.
  2. EdwardoAndretti

    League Incidents Review

    In our league,each driver records the race or at least parts of it to submit as evidence of dirty driving,that you didn't do what you were accused of or to prove that the game gave you a penalty you didn't deserve.Also,we have someone commentate while streaming the race live.This also records the race so it and the end results can be reviewed at any time.
  3. EdwardoAndretti

    Neutral gear is incorrect in all F1 games by CM

    I agree that you shouldn't be able to get neutral by accident.In real life it won't damage anything but it could cause a crash due to differences of how the car behaves with and without the engine braking effect.Also,if the driver selects neutral and thinks he has 1st,when he gets back on the gas exiting the turn,the car won't accelerate and could get rear ended by the trailing car because that driver expected the car ahead of him to accelerate and it didn't.That's why neutral is locked out in real life as a safety feature.It should be set up so you have to be stopped with the brakes on just as you do to get reverse because after coming to a stop with the brakes on,selecting neutral is the first step to engaging reverse and thus neutral should only be able to be selected as part of the process to get reverse.
  4. EdwardoAndretti

    Bug report - speed trap reporting error?

    After the first lap he told you your speed for that lap which was your fastest lap.After lap 2 he gave your your speed for that lap.You already know what your fastest lap is,the first lap.Why should he repeat information that you already know?He tells you your speed for the current lap so you will know if what you tried on that lap,be it what line you took or what gear you were in,changed your speed for the better or worse.If my crew chief kept giving me the same old information over and over,as you are asking CM to make him do,then I would do a Kimi and tell him to shut up.
  5. EdwardoAndretti

    Why my car crashes without any reason?

    We all appreciate your willingness to help. However,doing that makes no sense as the game will already let you know when parts that you have the choice of replacing or not have worn to the point that they will not give maximum performance or,as with the transmission,is about to or has failed.The only damaged/worn parts that you can leave the garage without changing are those such as the engine,transmission,turbo and generating units.As with a flat tire,all other damage,such as wing or suspension,will be repaired before you will be allowed to leave the garage.That is why when you have a crash that isn't enough to retire the car,when you get back to the pits you have to sit there while the repairs are being done before you can go back out.The worse the damage,the longer it takes to make repairs.The OP's issue is either a glitch in the game which seems unlikely because if it was then there would be more reports of the issue and there would be a lot more crashes on track due to these worn or damaged parts and the crash would happen at different places on the track.The issue is most likely a bad connection and or glitch with his wheel/controller.That's why the OP is the only one with this issue because the issue lies within the system the game is being played on.One last possibility is that it seems when he got on the brakes,the rear brakes locked and the fronts did not which sent a car into a spin without turning the wheel.Perhaps he accidentally adjusted the brake bias too far or all the way to the rear or a computer glitch made that adjustment for him.
  6. But you can only play against people who are on the same platform,be it PC,XB or PS,as what you have.A PC player can't play against an XB or PS player when online.
  7. Just who do you intend to submit this to?Don't bother sending it to Codemasters as they already make the game for all 3 platforms.I'm sure that CM would make it possible for all 3 platforms to play together as that would help boost sales of their titles.However,until you get the console makers to allow it,it will never happen.The console makers look at it this way.Someone sees their friend playing a game on a console and wants to play against his friend online.As it is now,he will have no choice but to purchase THAT console to do so.This should result in more of THAT console being sold.If they could play against each other on different platforms then he could just buy the cheapest of the 2 and be good to go.That would then start a price war because they are effectively selling the same product with a different name.There would be no other reason to buy one over the other.This will cost both companies money.The number of people playing F1 XXXX will not be nearly enough incentive to get them to change their ways.You would have to get everyone,playing all titles,on all 3 platforms,to sign 1 big petition and send it to all 3 companies.I don't see that happening.So,in the mean time,just be glad that this game is available to be played on all 3 platforms and not exclusive to any 1 platform as many games are.
  8. EdwardoAndretti

    Losing automatic gears during online play

    Controller,wheel or even keyboard,it makes no difference.No input from any input device is needed to make the game do something that it's supposed to do automatically.It was working just fine until the last lap so the input device is not a factor.Either the option for auto shift transmission got turned off somehow or the game had a fit and decided it just wasn't going to work as it should.What CM needs to know to find the issue is this.What platform is he playing on because a problem can happen on one but not the others,what track was he on,what car was he driving and what were the settings for that race?
  9. EdwardoAndretti

    Held in pit box after stop is complete - race ruined

    As others have said.It's part of strategy.Time it right and you can use it to your advantage.For instance,the car ahead has a lead of about 3 seconds.I plan on stopping after the next lap.The car ahead pits this lap so I follow him in a lap before I planned and when he is done with his stop I am too close and he must wait for me to pass before leaving his pit stall.This allows me to gain 2 seconds on the stop putting me close to or in DRS range.If the cars behind are within that 3 or so second window then don't pit if you can help it.Stay out until you have either built a gap big enough to make your stop without them interfering or if you can't increase the gap then wait for them to pit and pit on the next lap to insure a clean stop.Don't pit on a certain lap because that was the strategy you chose before the race started.You must also play crew chief and make changes to your plans on the fly because,in motorsports,things seldom go to plan.
  10. EdwardoAndretti

    Will F1 2019 use Denuvo?

    It does no such thing.As in my previous post,If it did then everyone would have that problem and we don't.Either your PC specs are not up to par to run the game with the settings you're using or your PC is over due for a fresh install of windows.The only thing denuvo does is it prevents you from playing the game if you didn't pay for it.
  11. EdwardoAndretti

    Will F1 2019 use Denuvo?

    F1 2018 runs perfect on my PC which has an AMD 8320 CPU,GTX970 GPU and 16 GBs or ram.If dunovo was causing your PC to stutter then it would cause all PCs to stutter.You either need to upgrade your PC or turn down the eye candy in the games settings.What are your PC specs?