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  1. Make it any sense, write here tahat the servers are again down?
  2. But this happens almost every day. We have put many effort to create a legitime Championship and now people can´t finish it, or they were put to „DFN“ because of this issue.
  3. This is not funny any more. The clubs don´t work again
  4. What is with the clubs? I hope all created clubs will not be deleted
  5. I full understand. I think (hope) they can add it with some update
  6. You can´t adjust the position, but are you not able to play it without adjustment? It will be great to have it but I´m enjoying the cockpit view also without it. i use this one
  7. Really surprise about the handling with steering wheel 👍.
  8. Was there some info that this bonus events will be available only until release of new DLC?
  9. I bought Deluxe edition on the release, there was mentioned that one of the bonus is "high reward events " The events were marked as D+ but now after release of new seasons there are no bonus events for the owners of the deluxe edition. Did I miss something or the bonuses events will not longer be for the Deluxe owners?
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