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  1. Let's add Brazil FP1 and quali rain
  2. Let's add mexico quali to the list..... Real life: maybe 1 or 2 rain races/qualifying sessions. F1 2020: almost every weekend at least 1 rain session. @BarryBL please can you guys do something about this. It is way too much.
  3. Currently at the USA grand prix. 85% of the previous weekends i had at least 1 rainy session. (Myteam season 1)
  4. Since canada every weekend rain. Sometimes in practice, few times in quali, and few races. Way too much. I finished on the podium is russia from full wets to inters to medium. I'm getting better in the rain. Butt still it is way too much. Please fix this codemastersšŸ™
  5. Australia: full wet quali Zandvoort: Full wet race Monaco: Full wet race Baku: Dry to rain race (inters but almost full wet condition in the last 3 laps. Canada: dry to rain (inters probaly) forecasted. To be continued............ This isn't fun anymore
  6. This is the reason i always stop playing this game after 2 seasons. Is the f1 games especially F1 2020 there are so many assists the car almost drives itself. But changing the weather is suddenly unrealistic. I really like this game but this thing ruins my overall experience every year šŸ˜ž Please change this.
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