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  1. Let's add Brazil FP1 and quali rain
  2. Let's add mexico quali to the list..... Real life: maybe 1 or 2 rain races/qualifying sessions. F1 2020: almost every weekend at least 1 rain session. @BarryBL please can you guys do something about this. It is way too much.
  3. Since canada every weekend rain. Sometimes in practice, few times in quali, and few races. Way too much. I finished on the podium is russia from full wets to inters to medium. I'm getting better in the rain. Butt still it is way too much. Please fix this codemastersšŸ™
  4. Australia: full wet quali Zandvoort: Full wet race Monaco: Full wet race Baku: Dry to rain race (inters but almost full wet condition in the last 3 laps. Canada: dry to rain (inters probaly) forecasted. To be continued............ This isn't fun anymore
  5. This is the reason i always stop playing this game after 2 seasons. Is the f1 games especially F1 2020 there are so many assists the car almost drives itself. But changing the weather is suddenly unrealistic. I really like this game but this thing ruins my overall experience every year šŸ˜ž Please change this.
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