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  1. It’s a ‘3 race scenario’ in career mode, but you can do a full season in championship mode. I was kind of hoping for a full season in F2 before moving up but it’s not the end of the world
  2. I read on codies twitter account a day or two ago that it’s now available on steam
  3. I know in the uk ‘Game’ have all the editions as this is where I’ve ordered mine
  4. We had no idea but I very much doubt codies have literally done all the senna v Prost stuff in a matter of weeks, which is my point really. All the different versions should have been announced simultaneously in my opinion.
  5. Ive already ordered the anniversary steelbook edition, will I have to pay for the senna/Prost content? If that’s the case it’s poor. You should have told people from the get-go before they Pre-ordered so they could make that decision themselves
  6. Hopefully I’ll finally get picked for the beta this year 🙏🏻 Does anybody know know when they are planning to roll it out or notify people if they have been chosen? Really looking forward to this years game!