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    Can you change the colour of your race number on my team? I have made a mainly black car and the back numbers are black so can hardly see it. thanks robbie
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    Ye I agree but just seeing the numbers will do for now for me 😂
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    F1 2020 Random player failures

    From what I’ve seen of F1 2020 it looks a real step up from 2019 in terms of handling and physics and the new ‘my team’. Does anyone know if they have added an option for the player to have the random failures that the ai have? It makes the game unrealistic in that you can manage all your own i.c.e. & mgu parts, yet your rivals who are the best drivers and have the best teams in motorsport can’t manage theirs. I actually retire from 1 or 2 to even things out, which kind of sucks I have to do it, when a lot of people have been asking for it for years. I really hope they include it as an option for those who want it, they have added a LOT of stuff to make it accessible to new people, rightly so for the game to grow, but it would be nice for us regular players to get this addition (obviously not for online/league races when it’s all equal) thanks robbie