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  1. If any one from codemasters read this can you completely delete my forum account please thank you 👍
  2. Hub31


  3. Please Make view highlights show all the highlights of the race not just your race and what you did I've had moments where the AI have hit each other and AI spinning off but none of that shows up during highlights
  4. Hub31

    PS4 game lag

    Has anyone else noticed lag on some of the tracks on the PS4 version just did practice on spa and was laggy in some places noticed it in Spain too ?? PS4 slim / wireless controller
  5. There should be an option to add your team name to the car (change font style and size too) in my team just like you see on the real life cars ( Williams.Hass.Alpine)
  6. I know what you mean I've been wanting them to add Hubbard on there for years tired of using and hearing Herbert lol Hopefully in the next game they will have a tone of new names
  7. I think there needs to be more fake sponsor names / logos to give the My teams car a bit more of a different look
  8. My views of F1 2021 single player modes so far (PS4) (CONTROLLER) The Good Nice to see a story mode in an F1 game (even tho for me it's more of an introduction to the game with its scenario moments) Scenario moments in My team The intro to my team (Will Buxton interview) AI is perfect love the aggression love watching them scap especially at the start and making mistakes (please don't change) Tracks are the best the have ever looked in the series The Bad No rear wing damage at all for me any way only seeing front wing damage and wheel dam
  9. Has anyone on the PS4 noticed / had rear wing damage had reversed the car a few times into the wall (nothing) hit A.I car (nothing) A.I taking out A.I ( nothing) just curious to know if anyone else has had issues with rear wing damage or not or even if it's in the game now Or even rear wing damage is now only a next gen exclusive
  10. It would be really nice if you was able to put the halo sticker that Williams used on there halo in tribute to Murray walker as a personal Sticker selection In the game ☺️
  11. Is that just the breaking point rewards or is that the actual podium pass ?
  12. Hopefully it will be added into the game at some point
  13. Will the podium pass come out at midnight when the deluxe edition launches or will it be midday launch for the pass ??? Just asking out of curiousity
  14. As your on about why Akkerman is so old I thought it would be fun to share this For me I'm interested to see how the breaking point story turns out in some of the videos by the YouTubers I get the impression that Akkerman is a loaner and fears that he's going to get replaced by a new up and commer due to his age
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