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  1. I would like to see an option where you can tell the race engineer ( Jeff) to relay messages to your team mate like on the grid but on my team mode for example Telling them to push if they was in 15th for example Or if your 1st and 2nd you can tell them hold position ( which they can ignore)
  2. Hubbard89

    Your end of season retirements/moves

    I had Kimi and Romain retire but no driver swaps just Mick Schumacher going to Alfa Romeo and Nick De Vries to Hass ( My team season 1)
  3. Hubbard89

    Ps4 to Ps5

    I remember reading on a website think it was ign that PS4 games made or realised after July have to be made to be compatible with the PS5
  4. I think it would be a good idea to add a custom / factory built engine option in the engine select option on my team Have it as the cheapest but less reliable option
  5. Hubbard89

    Team name on rear wing

    It would be great if you can have the option of having your team name on the rear wing like the Williams / Hass / Renault and choose the font style
  6. Hubbard89

    Seeing double

    Just realised if you pick Nicholas Latifi in My team in F1 2020 as a team mate from the F2 2019 line up there will be 2 Nicholas Latifis on the grid ūü§£