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  1. frandythomsen

    Used soft tyres (career)

    Yea it probably is that, but it’s a bit weird how the ai don Yea it probably is that, it is a bit weird how the ai don’t get afffected though.
  2. frandythomsen

    Unrealistic simulation of quali

    In career whenever the human driver goes out in Q1 or Q2 the grid order is very unrealistic. For example in my career Torro rosso are the fastest team by quite a distance, but when i simulate they are suddenly starting 9th and 10th, and the likes of Hamilton, bottas and vettel start at the front when they usally start towards the back end of the top 10
  3. frandythomsen

    Used soft tyres (career)

    So i’ve done a lot of career mode on this game and i’m enjoying it, although there are some things that need fixing. Firstly the qualifying pace of the ai is way to strong, at some tracks i’m a second behind my teammate with a decent lap. While in the race i am perfectly fine. But when i first manage to do a good lap and get to Q3 in the dry i loose all the pace in the first stint on the used soft tyres, and the ai seem to have exactly the same pace as before. So idk maybe the ai don’t start the race on the tyres they used in quali? Because when i switch to a different tyre again i’m as fast as before again. For example in a race at Russia i qualified p3, but had a train behind me with almost the entire grid, and the ai kept getting fantastic exits out of corners.
  4. in the f2 championship i was doing, i was driving the sprint race at Baku and the game decided to put me on the mediums, even though every other car (except Makino) started on the super softs. I had used the exact same amount of tyres in the race and quali as the ai before, so had no reason to be starting on a different compound. Imo we should have the choice to choose what tyres we are starting on in the sprint race as well, in case you want to do something different.