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  1. Zerd

    F1 2019 Handling

    you got used to F1 2018 where you could drive like an idiot and get away with it, as for most other previous titles too, now there's a tad bit of realism and you cant just go full lock left and right and slam the brakes you start to complain lol, put some time in and understand the handling and you'll enjoy it, there's no ballast anymore and the setups on 2018 were stupid grippy.
  2. as you you can see from the 2 screenshots above, 1 shows the leaderboards and me (SHZ Zerd) being in 2nd (first technically because the top guy is a hacker) the other screenshot is a few hours after the event ended looking at my friends results, and I'm nowhere to be seen, my quali time isn't even on there and thus I didn't receive any rewards either? what happened here?
  3. Zerd

    Massive understeer at F1 2019

    ballast is gone and you're used to a car that has infinite turn in grip, fact is F1 2018 was WAY too fast compared to irl, the handling model on 2019 is FAR better than 2018 once you learn you can't just take stupid speed into every corner, it's not perfect and there is an update coming but to act like it's horrible is stupid lmao (also the corners mention in op aren't even flat out irl so that's funny
  4. regardless someone using a different camera view to you should not be a big deal, let them have as much fun as you do.
  5. So with ranked on this game i noticed codies changed a few things A. you cannot join session or invite people to your lobbies anymore (in ranked) i get the reasoning for this but its questionable considering the playerbase is far from big online. B. I'm S safety rating, from my knowledge (if faya or someone else sees this I'd love confirmation or a reply on this) you cannot find people below A, this is a huge problem, unless i play at peak times i rarely find lobbies, and even when i do its 5-8 people in a lobby, most I've ever had is 12, combine B with A and you get a compound effect of small lobbies and not being able to find them, i wish you were able to find B and below lobbies after the game tries to match you up with As and S'. I'd rather still be able to drive than 90% of the day not being able to play ranked at all. *forgot to mention I'm on PC, any console guys feel free to comment if you've experienced a similar problem
  6. codies are close with it, they have elements of a good system, and i dont disagree with losing a ton of rating (even if you DSC) for finishing low or last, same thing to applies in games such as iR, but how much you are punished for not winning and finished 3rd or 4th for example at like 2.4k is nuts, you lose like 50, and it takes 8-9 wins to get that back
  7. if you want to be "closest to real life" why are you playing codemasters games? go play a sim, these cars aren't close to realistic yet, nor are the setups, crying for ultimate realism and everyone to form to how you play on an ultimately unrealistic game is silly.
  8. dumbest thing I've read lmao, assists that actually effect pace/the cars performance sure, the camera view? no, cockpit cam is awful on F1 games, it's the only game I don't use cockpit cam and I don't see why you want to force people to use it, it doesn't give you an advantage, it's just preference. if it did, you wouldn't be using cockpit.