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  1. Christmas sale is on steam and I am thinking of buying two copies of grid 2 for private play with my brother and sometimes online. I am not sure of its activity online. As it does not support LAN feature of Grid 1, before buying I would like to know if such private races will depend on codemasters servers or can we host our own private games independently. We still enjoy Grid 1 on LAN sometimes but it looks dull and outdated graphically. Not sure if Grid 2 will have such a life if the online servers are switched off in the near future.
  2. All the qualifiers posted sub 1.40 time on United states grand prix this Saturday. Mercedes are posting 1.36.xxx. I did 1.41.3xx with Mercedes once but I lap mostly around 1.42 +/- with Mclaren on Time trials. also. I use g27 with no assists. Tried custom carsetup but eventually ended in using a step above average preset. I am sure there are experts here who are doing much better but I wonder how fast you guys are doing? Or is it developers that were not able to judge well how this track will behave. Please share your setup tips as well if that made a big difference for you. 
  3. Please share any information regarding any xml editing and the concerned attributes to edit for increasing the camera shake and bump effects in Cockpit view.
  4. I was wondering if it is only me or do you also find that some hypercar ( specially Koenigsegg Agera R) are poor in braking even when compared to SLS GT3? I know it can be upgraded but even then in races I have to brake quite early even at usual speed corners from what AI cars are doing resulting in bland and boring competition. Practice is one thing but here it seems to be an issue. Zonda on the other hand feels much better. 
  5. Of all the event types in Grid Autosport, I find that open wheels are the best implemented and with way better force feedback and competitive AI. Despite F1 2013 being much more complete and finessed visually, I am having much fun with formula B than I had with F1 2013 for months. Going back to F1 2013 surly feels like a downgrade and requires much more fiddling with steering settings. Please share your personal opinion on this.
  6. I am running Grid Autosport game on a single 1980 x 1080 monitor. I was looking at a youtube racing video of another game on ultra wide monitor and the extra viewing space really adds to the feeling of speed and awareness. This video viewed full screen on my screen gives black stripes due to difference in aspect ratio. I was wondering if is it possible to override and have a similar aspect ratio of 21:9 on my 16:9 monitor with black stripes but without stretching ? The end resolution will be 1980 x 810.  Asking for help as I have no modding experience.
  7. I wonder if there are people using H pattern with manual clutch? Anyone playing with it competitively online ? I've been playing with sequential sifters till now using my G27 paddles. But as I found it a bit weird controlling a stick shift car with paddles, tried using the H pattern with manual clutch. Surprisingly it is implemented quite well. The clutch release as in real life in my view is too complicated to replicate in a game. Last time I tried H pattern was in Shift 2 and was not satisfied. For the purpose, codemasters have done a fine job. I found the lower level cars useless after playing with supercars and formula cars. But with H pattern, they are fun. Have been racing with mini cooper and although lap times are comparatively down, still a better way to play if not online. 
  8. No doubt grid autosport is much playable game than its predecessor. I just thought it is worthwhile to raise a topic to be noticed as it is an important issue.  I always liked the smoother force feedback in f1 2013  than rumbling feeling of gears usually implemented in other games. Somehow Grid Autosport has same rumbling issues which I suppressed by dropping vibration values, which of course lowered the kerbs feeling. But a post by "joepineapples" at link below mentioned using the xml files from Grid 2. The result is much better and smooth steering feedback. And I was wrong at assuming it to be the nature of mechanical gears in G27. Thanks a lot Joe for this revelation. http://forums.codemasters.com/discussion/993/share-your-wheel-settings-here/p3 Good for now but I just hope such degradation does not happen in future releases screwing otherwise excellent product. Racing wheels are the best way to enjoy such titles and should be implemented thoroughly.
  9. Been playing grid auto sport till level 3 on all disciplines in career mode without any issues. Recently switched to custom cups for longer races in endurance car. Initially no issues completing few races now the game crashes to a black screen with sound stuck in background leaving no choice but to restart the PC. Surprisingly, I also experienced similar crash in the settings menu as I set the lap number to a higher numbers. Also noted that three times the crash happened as soon as contact is made from my bumper to the car in front. Tried turning of smoke shadows but of no use. An excellent game otherwise :-bd I am running the game on- CPU- i7-2600k, GPU- Msi Gtx 560ti 1gb (337.88)DRIVE- WD 1TB BlackRAM- 16gb
  10. langoorji

    Grid 2 for independent LAN play over internet?

    Thank you. I assume this will be the same for Grid Autosport.
  11. langoorji

    QOTW #10: F1 2014 Game Reviews

    Initially I was skeptical for F1 2014 after reading all the negative and complaining feedback on this forum. But I went ahead and found this version a step above the previous titles. Cockpit views are a bit high this time, but it was easy to fix and add dynamics via xml. Handling is better. Added four additional tracks from racing department and that compensated for lack of content. This weekend, I got my hands on AC and another old simulator at my friend place. Although my friend was set in stone to boast on physics and stuff to discard F1 tiles as simcade nonsensse, I felt other way around. Sure simulators seems to have more data at disposal, but the end result was boring for me with stiff cockpits, rattling ffb, a lack of vibrance and poor speed sense. I had much enjoyable driving feeling on my way to home in much slower real car. Maybe Rift or Project Cars will change that but for now I realized that sim or not, the codemasters F1 titles have their own importance and entertainment value. I hardly play online. Playing tracks along real calender is a plus fun. So no major bugs for me. I am enjoying it even more after racing sims and will give it a solid 9. I hope a proper oculus rift support and improved handling with ffb control in F1 2015 will be even more satisfying.
  12. 2014 usa ends with best lap of 1:41.379. That's managable :neutral_face: 
  13. langoorji

    Please don't patch out the handling

    I am using a g27 racing wheel and find handling in F1 2014 better than before. F1 2010 was pad happy arcade and after F1 2011 floating disaster, the handling seems to improve with each installment and I hope this will continue for 2015 as well. Indeed it is a learning process for developers and they are getting better and better at it. Compared to excellent flowing and curvy tracks, the modern formula tracks consists of slow and tight corners at angles which only became enjoyable with more control offered in F1 2014. Technical tracks like Malaysia and China are now enjoyable. Earlier it felt as if car is good only on racing line but in 2014, I can pick a different racing line with proper control. F1 2014 might be short on content and expectation, but is a step up on a most important element... Handling. I won't go back to 2013 after playing 2014 for sure and that's a good enough reason for me to say that F1 2014 is an improvement.   
  14. langoorji

    F1 2014 braking is like ABS turned on

    I like braking in F1 2014 than what it was in F1 2013. In F1 2013 it was just on-off mode but in F1 2014, I can feel the slip and screeching sometimes before a lock up is about to happen. For me, F1 2014 feels to have overall refined handling and good brakes implementation while retaining enjoyable game play.
  15. langoorji

    F1 2015 Game Ideas and Suggestions

    I would like to see availability for all tracks in Time Attack . An option to tweak head cam position offset, yaw and roll in game will be good or at least retain the xml editable as it has been till now. Proper VR support is a must at least when Oculus Rift is released worldwide. Handling is much refined in F1 2014 when compared to F1 2013. Slow corners and direction changes are in more control than it was with 2013. I hope this succession will keep up with even more improvements in force feedback.
  16. langoorji

    Codemasters are on track with Grid Autosport

    Apart for bugs that bugs, I agree with this to an extent. Anyhow, a nice racing video though :o  
  17. langoorji

    How to increase Camera Shake In Cockpit View?

    Indeed...a menu option will be nice  ;) I learned how to edit cameras xml to increase yaw and roll along with camera elevation. Problem solved.
  18. langoorji

    Share Your Wheel Settings Here

    I find drifting very enjoyable in GAS. Initially thought it is impossible but after a while I am used to to it. Moreover I only play in cockpit view with G27. I did not play grid1 with a wheel so don't know if its better but this one isn't horrible for sure.
  19. langoorji

    21:9 possible on 16:9 monitor ?

    A straight away difference is feeling of high speed through passing elements by side. Initially it was more of looking at dials and be happy with kind of feeling. It already feels better on my 22" monitor. It is surely a viable solution to anyone with a bigger monitor. I was thinking of buying an ultra wide monitor but was in doubt due to its usual support and price. Now I can go for a more standard one with bigger size.
  20. langoorji

    Grid Autosport Open Wheel vs F1 2013

    Not just formula cars, I found v8 Ariel atom and Catheram a surprise too. Never really liked it before in any game. Here I am having a lot of fun with it. Not sure exactly what simulation is referred to, but to me it is a quite a simulation of what Ariel atom might feel like. Although I have never driven a real racing car on track, but the reviews shared of these super cars and their differences told can be felt very well. I am still at level 7 of each discipline in career and hope things will only get better further. Good Job Codemasters B) I have setup my wheel settings to be best I can but still have to adjust a bit every time I change car types. I agree on setup importance as the default settings were not that much fun to begin with.
  21. langoorji

    21:9 possible on 16:9 monitor ?

     Thanks GJ77 for your prompt replies. You are right about scaling settings. The desktop has to be scaled with black stripes and game set on Auto aspect or it won't make a difference, just stretching. I will test and try to find out if I am happy racing with this clipping or is it better go back to defaults. Desktop needs to switched every time but I have the answer to my question. Thanks again;)  
  22. langoorji

    21:9 possible on 16:9 monitor ?

    Thanks a lot GJ77. Your tip worked.  I am using 560ti. Created a custom res of  1920 x 810 in nvidia control panel and it is automatically picked in game. No 21:9 ratio is available in game. So,  selected 16:9 and voila... it worked. Although this might be stretching vertical pixels as there are no black stripes here but it is some solution. Only problem now is that this resolution switching will be required every time I enter the game as the desktop is squashed and is awkward :smile: .  There is a radio button for aspect ratio in "Adjust desktop size and position" which brings things in place but adds the stripes I was expecting in game appear on desktop:blush:  Any idea if it is possible to make some custom profile or settings to be applied only to the game. And that previous screenshot was from Project cars. Another one in line to burn hours in :wink: 
  23. langoorji

    Grid Autosport Open Wheel vs F1 2013

    Really liking this discipline and its handling in GAS. Once dialed, balanced smooth force feedback with its jolts and vibrations through a long turn with multiple apex (e.g long left turn in Istanbul) felt so much better than any similar turn on F1 2013. There is a hint of constant struggle usually associated with open wheel race car whereas on f1 2013, it was comparatively simpler.  I have a hope that codemasters will pull a descent  next F1 title along with VR support :neutral_face: 
  24. langoorji

    Grid Autosport DLC WISHLIST

    nordschleife  :p
  25. langoorji