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  1. iNevik

    Coronavirus and F1 2020 - Thread

    I think I don't care about a game. Codemasters make sure you guys are safe and we will have a new game next year.
  2. iNevik

    F1 2 player

    No you cant. 1 console. 1 steering wheel. 1 playing at the same time. You can PM me otherwise for some help.
  3. iNevik

    F1 2 player

    You could create 2 accounts and let them battle against each other with time trial. You can select display ghosts then you can see the opponent car.
  4. iNevik

    F1 2 player

    Im very sorry but isnt possible. Maybe get a second console and game sharing if its a digital copy. Otherwise boring back the 2 wheels and go for a cheap FFB wheel like G920.
  5. Do you guys also sometimes lose engine sound between sessions in multiplayer? For example in Q1 you do have the engine sound and in Q2 it is gone. Very weird.
  6. iNevik

    Patch 1.05. Is Safety Car working now?

    Stay at +1 second to be safe @svensenk86. If your delta is negative when you got released you'll receive a penalty.
  7. Lower the difficulty and play with the AI. Life is not that easy when you use assist you can match pro players.
  8. Is this for real? So we can't play with official cars online? I hope it's just in ranked but that's disapointing.