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  1. Codemasters has to urgently update the issue of punishment for cutting corners during VSC and SC. There is no advantage if a driver cuts a corner during the VSC or SC, since you cannot overtake or stay out of the delta. This question harms those who play in leagues where the rigor of cutting corners is rigid. The driver passes with only one wheel outside the cut limit and already suffers a 5 second penalty. There is no warning for cutting. Please correct this urgently.
  2. When will the betha to f1 2020 program start? Will we even have a Betha program at F1 2020? Should the game have the same gameplay as 2019?
  3. BestOenning79

    RSB and LSB not working

    @BarryBL with the Xbox keyboard enable will the use of the Logitech G920 steering wheel LSB and RSB buttons work?
  4. Hello friends Has the issue of the teams' ballast not changed? There is an imminent need to update the ballast, since the final classification of the constructors has been in place since November / 2019.
  5. Is there nothing left to fix in this game? The strength ratio of the teams, for example. I don't see Haas as the fourth grid force.
  6. BestOenning79

    Team strength updates

    Will there be any team strength updates already with the builders championship completed?
  7. BestOenning79

    F1® 2019 - Compatible Wheels And Controllers

    @Faya I would like to know why the Logitech G920 LSB and RSB buttons do not work on the F1 2019?
  8. BestOenning79


    Choose the quantity of each type of tire for each race. In F1 2019 I would like to have the option to choose the amount of each type of tire for the weekend, just like what happens in real F1. I do not like the way tires are chosen in F1 2018. I wish I could choose how many tires of each type I could take to qualy. This will be very interesting for the strategies of people who play races lasting 50% or more.
  9. BestOenning79


    Hello @! This year will not we have the betha program to test the game?
  10. BestOenning79


    Is it possible to enable the LSB and RSB buttons for the F1 2018 game on Xbox One?